Saturday, May 31, 2014

Selling Out Our Military

What the hell are the "Rules of Engagement?

I'm really glad I met Mr. Billy Vaughn at the Waynesboro Rally for The Constitution last month.

Mr. Vaughn lost his son Aaron in the Seal Team Six disaster.
Billy, My heart will continue to be out to you and your family 
and to the other families of our servicemen who are being sacrificed by
the United Nations rules of engagement.

Billy Vaughn's websites.

"Betrayed", one hell of a book.  Why did the US Army want it suppressed.
(As a matter of fact.  Why has every President since Ford covered up the MIA's from Viet Nam?)
Operaton 300

My friend Charlie Smith, who is the smartest man I know told me the following story.
I really don't know where he read it so I can't access the quote, 
who said what but let me paraphrase what he said.

"Some flunkie from the Council on Foreign Relations said the following.
"General MacArthur was right.  In war there is no substitute for victory.
However we have found a substitute for war.""

Now the substitute for war is using our soldiers to fight in stage managed conflicts set up by the United Nations.  There is never a victor but always a settlement by treaty.  That treaty gives more power to the UN and takes away power from the United States.

I suggest you read my Memorial Day blog post.

Anyway this horrible situation can be fixed by doing two things.
One bring our soldiers home.

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