Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day, In Memorial

First of all I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the veterans out there.

You gave your heart and soul to this great country.

Some of you gave your life.

All of you deserve better than you have.

Now what really started the mess that we are in was World War One.

World War One was created by this group of internationalists to sucker the United States into a world government scheme called the “League of Nations.”

After all the fighting was over President Woodrow Wilson went to 
France to get the Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations going.

When he returned he presented the United States Senate with an all or nothing at all treaty.  That treaty was a peace treaty to end the war with the Central Powers, Germany and Austria – Hungary.  The other part of the document was to place these United States into this
League of Nations.

Now the US Senate wanted to vote on each part of that treaty separately.  President Wilson told them it was all or nothing at all.

For your information someone in the House of Representatives put up a bill un-declaring the entry of the United States into World War One.  That bill passed both houses of Congress and Wilson vetoed it.  So technically we are still involved with fighting World War One.

The reason that we did not join the League of Nations because there was a provision called Article 10.  Article 10 would have required us to send troops and make wars at the behest of the so called League of Nations?

They would have ordered us to go to war at their choosing.

The US Senate rejected entry to the League of Nations.

The Internationalists went back to the drawing board and created World War Two.

After the war was over they created the United Nations.  No one had seen the charter.   Then they rammed it through the US Senate where only two Senators opposed it.

FYI, The armistice ending World War Two was never signed by these United States.

It was signed by the United Nations and Japan, Italy and Nazi Germany.

In a few years Harry Truman sent American troops to Korea under the orders of the United Nations and all activities undertaken by American forces in Korea had to be first approved by the Under Secretary for Political and Security Council Affairs of the United Nations.  And it was agreed that this person who would pre-approve all the activities would be a Communist.

What happened was that General Douglas McArthur discovered that he had to get approval of his war plans from the United Nations. And that his plans were being discussed in the New York Times before they had ever been approved –

When General MacArthur discovered this he got people around him who he could trust.

These people were with him for 20 years and they he planned the Inchon invasion.

It wasn’t very long before American forces captured the entire North Korean army and were at the Yalu River which is the border between China and North Korea.

Now for all intensive purposes the war was over.  The Chinese Communists could not cross the Yalu River because there were only four bridges going across it.  No army was ever going to cross that kind of river when the destruction of the bridges would have cut their supply line permanently.

This is why General  MacArthur said, “The Boys will be home before Christmas.”

The reason General MacArthur was fired is because as he said, 
“The War was over.”  There was no planned invasion of China.

If you blow up those 4 bridges the entire Chinese army would be stranded in the field.

What the UN did was to assure the Communists that those bridges would not be bombed so it was safe for them to come across.

So General MacArthur was fired not to prevent him from going into China.

General MacArthur was removed to make it possible for the Chinese 
Communists to come into Korea.

The purpose of that maneuver was to make certain that all wars, or United Nations actions. Through, NATO, SENTO, SETO and all these regional UN organizations.

Little wars, hot wars, cold wars, large wars, small wars etc.

In that way wars would not be won or lost but they would all be settled by treaties.

Within the frame work of the United Nations.

As the Communists would say perpetual wars for perpetual peace.

This was specified in a treaty called “The Blueprint for the Peace Race.” 

Ultimately the United Nations peace force would be progressively strengthened until no nation could challenge it.

Peace to you and me is that no one is fighting.

Peace to them is a situation where no one can fight against them.

Eventually we have to get out of the UN and get the UN out of the US.

What you and I have to do today is to put men in the House of Representatives  Who will look at the bills that come up in their committees and ask a question on all these bills.

“If this bill passes will it increase the size, cost, reach and power of government.?”

And vote no because we have too much government now.

We must stop the growth of government and roll it back in the reverse fashion it was expanded.

I’ll make you a pledge.

Except for the entitlement programs which will not be touched.

I’m going to vote no on any bill that will increase the size, cost, 
reach and power of government.

That’s what I’ll do.

What the good veterans groups need to do is to

Pick candidates who will vote no on any increases in government.

Ask any politician where he stands on the issues.

If he doesn’t say I’m going to vote no on any increases in the size, cost, reach or power of government.

Don’t vote for him.

If he is advocating solving problems by increasing the size, 
cost, reach or power of government of government.   

Kick his ass out.

If you like what I said, please share it.

If you have any comments please feel free to get back to me,

My motto is:

Increasing liberty through decreasing government.


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