Monday, February 7, 2011

Tea Parties

Common Sense on how you are being fooled at these Tea Parties

This video was produced on Super Bowl Sunday 2011.

Ask yourself what are the results????

How did these Tea Party candidates do????

More important: Who nominated them???

How many of these "Tea Party" Congressmen voted to extend the "Patriot Act?"

You are going to be surprised.


Trotskyist Tact #312::::Decreasing The Increase


Pushing The Button:::::On Them

Lets stop reacting to them.
Lets force them to react to US.


By asking a simple question:

"Does this increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of the government???"


Energy, Another Lie

Keystone Pipeline.

Essentially what it is doing is taking British oil, from the British Dominion of Canada

Piping it through the United States and putting it on tankers which will take the oil to South America and Europe.

That’s cool

The United States makes money putting the pipeline together, right????
Well all the refineries are down by the Gulf of Mexico around Houston, TX.

That’s true however our refineries are operating at 100 percent of capacity.

It’s not a question of oil it’s a question of refining capacity.

We haven’t built a refinery in these United States since 1976.

That is because of the Environmental Protection Agency.

They have made it difficult to get through the permitting process.

These liberal socialists don’t want refineries to be built so that the price of gasoline will be 8 or 9 dollars a gallon. They have crimped the pipeline.

Now what would happen if the Environmental Protection Agency had its budget cut in the House of Representatives????

You may have some refineries built.

Thought you should know.


Da State of Dis-Union

Send this letter to Michelle Bachman


An Open Letter To Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann

103 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, DC. 20515

Dear Ms. Bachmann:

I know that you are alarmed at the continued growth in the

Size, Cost, Reach and Power of the government.

My request of you is quite simple.

In every committee meeting no matter how small, ask the following question;

“If this proposal goes through will it increase the size, cost, reach or power of the government?”

When the reply to your question is in the affirmative tell the sponsor that you are going to vote no on that bill or proposal for those reasons.

We have too much government now.

If you will do this and keep a tally and use your franking privileges to send a bulletin or a letter detailing the yea’s and nay’s you will go a long way in helping us slow the growth of government.

The only thing I ask other than that is that you vote no on all of these little increases, the sum total of which make up this massive Federal Budget.

Keep a tally and let me know from month to month what the yea’s and nay’s are and I’ll spread the word.