Monday, January 9, 2012

Reply To Loundon County Tea Party

Concerning the increases in the School Board Budget.

The one thing that I forgot to mention is that.
The state and the various organs of the state that means the county and the city
Are forced to raise taxes and raise money to pay for more and more of these federally mandated programs.

The way this works is that in a committee or a sub-committee or a caucus.
These Congressmen are bullied into accepting a program or increasing funding for an existing program. And it’s not necessarily a social welfare program.

For example:

One of these programs can be for example, $50 million dollars for federally funded school psychiatrists.
This would come down to a Million dollars for each and every state.
Now that’s not a lot of money to them but it is to you and me.

Essentially what they do is they say that this will be a “Matching Funds” program.
The Federal Government puts up half the money and the state puts up the other half.

Now each and every year in the future this program gets bigger and bigger.
It goes from One Million in the first year to Two Million in the second year.
Now the state has to raise their half, and that amount just doubled.
The third year it goes to Three Million dollars and the state’s share went from $500,000 in year one, to One Million in year two to One and One Half Million in year three.

That is a lot of scratch...

Now the state must find ways and means to raise their half.

How is Tennessee going to pay for it?
Increasing the sales tax.
Real Estate tax.
Income Tax.
You know that is their next step.

Now that’s why the School Budget in Loundon County went up.
Now that is what the Superintendent doesn’t want you to know. Because he not only wants the program but profits by having it. After all it isn’t HIS money.

Now what needs to be done is to get people in the House of Representatives who would be willing to ask a simple question…each and every chance they get.
That question is…

"Does this increase the size, cost; extend the reach and power
of the government?????"

That question will shut up these liberals and others who want a totalitarian state which would be controlled by them.

Once that question is asked these liberals and big spenders will be afraid to open their mouths.

Once that question is asked these bureaucrats who wish to expand their agency will be afraid to ask a Member of the House of Representatives to help finance their agencies growth.

Now knowing this I would be happy to talk to your group about how to fix our problems.

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
And the beauteous land….

Mrs. J.A. Carney


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