Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rest In Peace

Well I'm sorry to hear about the passing of former Congressman, James Oberstar from  Minnesota.

My sympathies to his friends and families.  You see I don't hate the person.  I really hate the fact that throughout his long, (too long if you asked me) "illustrious" career in Congress of 34 years he did nothing but increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of the Federal Government.

Please read this wonderful article from "Landline" magazine.


Now I agree that we need better roads.  I'm actually in favor of better roads.  The question is how do we pay for them?  Now with all the money that the states collect in fuel taxes and the quarter per gallon that the Federal Government collects.  What happens to the money???  Whose pocket does it go into?

The citizens of each and every state should get a citizens initiative on the ballot.  It should be worded exactly the way the one in Missouri, (which really showed the collectivist elitist scum and their agents who was in charge) was worded.  Something like.

"All taxes collected from the sale of liquid road fuel, unleaded gasoline and diesel MUST go into the roads."

That ballot initiative was opposed by every politician, bureaucrat, union and assorted collectivist in the Show Me State.

Well it passed and the people showed them.

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My motto is:

Increasing liberty through decreasing government.

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