Thursday, May 15, 2014

On The Issues - Immigraton


Under no circumstances should someone who breaks our laws be rewarded with citizenship.

Now haven’t you noticed that the mass media is always talking about the illegal Mexicans?

You never hear a word about the illegal Asians, Eastern Europeans, Moslem's or Hindu’s.


Any bill that is designed to “Reform Immigration” is really designed to get a national ID card shoved down our throats.  I really believe that the Federal Government knows way too much about honest, hardworking Americans.  And to know more would be the beginning of a Communist Police State.

The other thing about Immigration is that the “Powers to Be” wish to set up a ghettoized United States.  They want to bring in people who will not melt in and become Americans but have no desire to melt in.  A good example of this is the immigrants in Minnesota from Somalia.  The state gives them special benefits.  The money to fund these benefits comes directly out of the hands of the hard working taxpayers of Minnesota.

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