Friday, November 29, 2013

Pennsylvania Screws the public.......AGAIN

The state assembly in Pennsylvania has just decided to squeeze more blood out of a rock.
They have voted to raise the tax on liquid road fuels, to $0.65 cents for each and every gallon of fuel you buy, or burn in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Now this is going to put a tremendous burden on truckers like myself who are currently saddled with a fuel tax of around $0.38.

Now where is this money going to go????

Is it going to go into the general fund so that slick, slippery, spineless politicians can spend it as they see fit?
Is it going to go into transportation?
Is it going to go into the roads???

Now I have a sure fire way to fix this problem.

We need to get a citizens initiative, plebiscite on the ballot which would say the following….

“All revenues from taxes on liquid road fuel are to be spent on the roads and only on the roads.”

This worked quite well in Missouri a few years ago.  The only people who were against that initiative were the bureaucrats and the politicians.  That imitative passed and Missouri with a $.17 cent tax on road fuels couldn’t spend the money fast enough or fix their roads fast enough.

So where was the money going????

Maybe we should ask blabbermouth politician Kate Harper where the money is going.

After all she said “Doing nothing was not an option.”
Doesn’t she understand that this tax increase is nothing more than a tremendous increase in the size, cost, reach and power of government?

Oh, she is a liar, I mean a lawyer.

If you live in Pennsylvania and your representative voted for this they need to be kicked out.

If you live in Pennsylvania you need to get a law passed which would force the state government to spend any money raised from taxes on road fuel on the roads.

That would stop this crap in a hurry.

PS dear readers.

Please send the following note to Representative Kate Harper.
She thinks that  “Doing nothing was not an option.”

Hon. Kate Harper
209 Ryan Office Building
P.O. Box 202061
Harrisburg, PA.   17120-2061

Dear Representative Harper

I understand you voted in favor of raising the fuel tax in Pennsylvania to sixty five cents on each and every gallon of liquid road fuel.

I want to know how much of that tax will be put into the roads.
All of it.  Some of it.  Or none of it.

I want an answer and I want it in black and white terms.

John Q. Citizen.


I’m tired of politicians like yourself who keep increasing the size, cost, extending the reach and power of government.  You need to go.


Representative Harper’s phone number is, (717) 787-2801
Her fax line is, (717) 787-2022

Give them hell!!!!
They deserve it.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bob Corker and the Tennessee Republicon Party in action.

Well who is selling US down the river today??
Is it the Democraps or the Republicons????

Or is it really the monied members of the international collectivist elitist scum conspiracy.

My views on so called "Conservative" Tennessee Senator Bob Corker.

It's too bad we can't have the Tennessee Senate recall this turd.

These are the links that I mentioned in the video.

Mark Clayton

Keeping the pricks in line with bribery and blackmail.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Obama's Executive Orders, Another Joke.


I have been asked what my reaction is to the latest stunt that the Obama administration proposed yesterday.

Well if I were in the House of Representatives right now I would introduce a bill which would prohibit the Executive Branch (President) from using any discretionary funds to implement any domestic gun control scheme, international treaty relating to small arms or strengthening any Federal Agency that has jurisdiction (which has been obtained through bureaucratic fiat) dealing with firearms.

In addition to that I would ask a question on any Executive Order that came down to The House of Representatives for funding.

That question would be the following.

“If this bill gets funded will it increase the size of government?

Will it increase the cost of government?

Will it extend the reach (reach means that government does something tomorrow that it didn’t do today) of government?

Will it increase the power of government?”

If that Executive Order does any of the above I would vote against funding that bill.

In addition to that any new Rules, Regulations, Codes, Guidelines and Standards that are written by any Federal Agency dealing with the Second Amendment, Firearms, Small Arms Treaties, Civilian Disarmament, or infringe on a citizens Second Amendment Rights will not be funded. 

Now where are the Republicans on this issue?

Where is Marcia Blackburn and Michelle Bachman?

What about Dr. Paul Broun and Justin Amash????

Let’s draw a line in the sand and dare Obama to cross it.

Thought you should know.