Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kapo Schumer

Recorded 8/2/13

Added 5/12/14

Who gave Anti-American, Senator Charles Schumer almost $150,000?

Who is Paul, Weiss?

Why would a New York law firm give Schumer this kind of money?

Maybe we should send this letter to Paul Weiss 

Paul Weiss
Ms. Lisa Green
Communications Director
1285 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY   10019

Dear Ms. Green:

I understand your fine law firm has given Senator Charles Schumer close to $150,000 in the last election cycle.

Tell me did the partners contribute the money?

Did your firm confiscate that money from the employees?

Or do you have a client who wants to be over billed and have the difference funneled to the 
"good" senator?

I would really appreciate your reply.

Yours very truly.

A Concerned Citizen.

She can also be emailed

Please send this letter in a handwritten envelope with a stamped return envelope.

I guarantee you that the last question will cause a few ulcers.

Added 6/6/14

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