Sunday, July 8, 2012


A smaller increase in government is better than a larger increase in government.

This is the credo of most if not all of your Republicans.   
Sorry, Republi-cons.  Marsha Blackburn and others believe this.

A larger increase in government is better than a smaller increase in government.

This is the credo of all of the Democrats.  Sorry, Demo-craps.
Nancy Pelosi and others live by this rule.

They want total government!

What happens if you increase the budget of the EPA by 5 billion dollars over a 10 year period?  You have increased it to 50 billion dollars.  You see that agency got bigger.

Apply this across the board to each and every Federal Agency.  After 10 years the small increases turn out to be one large increase.

Now the difference is that the so called “Conservatives” who call themselves Republicans are really pulling the wool over your eyes.  They are gambling that they will not be around to see totalitarian government in these United States.  They will come home and tell you to your face that they stopped Pelosi and her minions from their plans to grow the Federal Government by leaps and bounds and have a dictatorship.

AN INCREASE IS AN INCREASE and a bunch of little increases equals one big increase.

It’s time that We The People realized that we are a victim of a tremendous con game.

Fellow American’s:  I need your help.  If you live in the Seventh Congressional District in Tennessee please click here.

If you live anywhere else please click here.

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  1. You´re right. It doesn´t matter how small the increase it is still an increase.