Sunday, October 14, 2012

Signs Of Treason

Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center

Well I saw this sign on I 64 going east just after the split with I81.

This was just before exit 91.

The Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center.

That’s funny.  I wonder what he rehabilitated?
He sure had a major hand in destroying these United States.
He sure did some rehabilitation on these United States for those International Bankers.

Just remember what good old “Woodie” did.  He talked a good game but let’s look at the record.

He shoved the Federal Reserve act down our throats as a Christmas present to his masters in 1913.  That act has essentially destroyed the value of our money and made Trillions in profits for a group of International Criminals.

Put the state militias under the direct control of the Federal Government.

Got US into World War One.  Remember he campaigned on the promise that he would keep your children out of war. 
He lied.  You know politicians lie a lot you know.
You may say that people who wear suits and ties are experts at telling lies.
But those of US who wear Boots and Jeans know what the truth means.

You know what else he socked US with???
The Income Tax as a present.  \
That sure rehabilitated the country.

All you have to do is to look at his advisor, Edward Mandell House.   
A man with tremendous ties to the English Crown.

You know what else is interesting about good old Woodrow Wilson?????
If I asked 100 people off the street what was Woodrow Wilson’s real name I don’t think I would get an answer.

As a matter of fact it seems that a lot of these criminals use aliases.

Does anybody remember Joseph Stalin’s real name?  (Dzhugashvili)

How about Vladimir Lenin?  (Ulynaov)

What about Leon  Trotsky?   (Bronshtein)

How in the name of all that’s good and holy did he come up with Trotsky?????

I have always wondered how these guys came up with these names.

Interesting how these criminals change their names. 

You know many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Linda Thompson.

She made a movie which told the truth about the “Waco” raid.

Do you know what she told me?  Most of these politicians do not run under their real names. 

So for example neo-conman Bill McCollum’s real name is Ira William McCollum

Very interesting Ira.  What are you hiding????

I wonder what Schumer’s real name is???  ADOLPH.???

Anyway valued reader, I can go on and on.  Just remember that people like Thomas Woodrow Wilson keep giving US more and more government as solutions to our problems which they had a hand in creating.

You know that’s a Pretty Neat Trick.  Create a problem and offer a solution which puts more and more power in your hands and the hands of like minded people.


Thought you should know.

Lenny Ladner

PS.  My real name is Leonard D. Ladner and I’m not hiding anything.

Signs Of Nincompoops


You know this morning I was driving north on US 49 near Paragould, AR.

There was a bill board of some guy, Trent Johnson or something like that.
He’s running for office and he is dressed up like a plumber.
(Sounds like some one is copying this writer and his regular attire of boots and jeans.)

His campaign centers around the fact (fiction if you asked me) that he’s going to help the working people of Arkansas...  How, by increasing the size, cost, extending the reach and power of government.

Another sign that I just passed on I55 near Sikeston, Mo. Is for a Doug Libla.
Who probably has more billboards than Holiday Inn in this part of the world.
I wonder where he got ALL that money for those billboards?

And he talks about helping the GOOD people of the Show Me State with less government and lower taxes.

(Show me a politician who has kept that promise).

Let me tell you something, this is a sign of the times.
It seems that a lot of people are trying to deal with my smoke, which ain’t smoke when I say it.

Well let’s see if they can take the fire.

The acid test for any of these slippery, slimy politicians which is what they are.
Is their answer to this question. 

That question is:

“Will you vote no on any bill no matter how cleverly it is disguised that will increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of the government?”

And watch how they crumble.

Thought you should know.

Signs On The Road, Political Signs


Well as I go about my business.  You know my day job of owning and operating this eighteenwheeler I see a lot of these United States.

Since September there have been a lot of political signs growing through the grass like weeds.
No matter where I drove I would see this blight on nature.
The one thing in common between all these political signs no matter where they are is that they are advertising local races.

For example,
John Jones for County Commissioner.
Betsy Smith for Judge
Adolph Meatgrinder for Executioner.
(Did you know that in a Democracy you can pick your own executioner?  Victor Hugo said it and I really believe it.)
Hillary Schwartz for Tax Collector.

Etc, Etc, Etc.

Now what you don’t see are signs for any Federal Office, like Congress, US Senate or most importantly that hotly contested race for the top job of Present-Idiot.

I wonder why those races are being hidden from We the People?


I have just taken a trip to a place called Big Island, VA. On VA 122.  This is dedicated to Booker T. Washington, a GREAT AMERICAN.
All I see for miles and miles are little yard signs advertising the campaign for President  of some clown named Mitt Romney,
(I wonder why he doesn’t use his real name of Willard
Mitt Romney.    I think Willie sounds better).

So now I’m starting to see the signs for the Presidential Election.

Election, What Election?

According to my friend Charlie Smith, who is The Smartest Man I Know
What is going on now is the same thing that happened in 1980.
You had these groups being set up like ABC, Anyone But Carter and Democrats For Reagan (well wasn’t Ronnie a Democrat at one time?)

The insiders.  You know those really nice globalists who have our “best” interests at heart.
What they are going to do is to use Mitt as a way to consolidate their gains that they made under Obama.

We are being led to a dictatorship my fellow American’s.

The way to stop it is to get rid of these Congressmen who keep funding the increase in the size, cost, extending the reach and power of government.

Ask yourself a question.  Do you want any more government?????

I didn’t think so.


While driving south on US 13 in Virginia all I saw were Obama signs.  So what????

Sign Of Impending Feudalism

Another sign on the road.

Right on the corner of Maryland 404 & Maryland 309

Natural Resources Police.

So the State owns natural resources.
Sounds just like life under Feudalism.
All fawn & flora belong to the king.
This means that if you shoot a deer you are poaching.
Even if that deer is on your property.
Oh that’s right under Feudalism you don’t own any property.
Sounds like Communism.

Ain’t life wonderful under the New World Order & United Nations Agenda 21?

Just thought you should know.

Signs On The Road, DE. 896

Just saw this sign in Delaware on Route 896 going north.
This is a political sign for Nicole Poore. 
She is running for the State Senate.

Well this is my reaction to her sign.

Elect Nicole Poore to the Delaware State Senate and she will definitely make you
POORER by voting to increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of government.

How them apples????

If you want less government you should support a truck driver from Tennessee who will vote NO on any increase in the size, cost, extension of the reach and power of government.

That’s me.  Lenny Ladner

Saving America The Easy Way!

If you want to save America the easy way.

We got to get rid of these politicians today.

Throw a question on the floor


See them run out the door.

That question is:

“Why is every solution to each and every problem the same?
Why are you advocating an increase in the size, cost, extending the reach
And power of government???????
We have too much government, Mr. Politician.
Why do you want to give US more????”

Now get the hell out of here, resign, get a real job.
Start laughing in their faces.


Monday, October 8, 2012


So you want to win a war.   

Ok, let me show you how to do it.

Well this is a war of words, a war of ideas.

The way to win this war is you give the people a reason to adopt your point of view.
That point of view is something that the other guy can’t stand on or refute.

So in other words all of these slippery, slimy, scummy politicians are advocating some form of an increase in the size, cost, reach and power of the government.

What happens when the public adopts my idea of SCRAP—SCRAP?????

These slippery, slimy, scummy politicians can’t advocate more government as a solution to our problems.

That’s how you win a war.  Get the people to adopt your idea.

SCRAP—SCRAP, an idea whose time has come.

Go to any meeting where issues are discussed.  After the speaker is finished ask him the following question.

“Mr. Speaker, I understand that we have a lot of problems in these United States.
But why is it that your solution to these problems is to increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of the government???

We have too much government now.  Why are you advocating more????”

Believe me.  When you drop this verbal bomb the meeting will collapse and the speaker will be running for cover.

Now let's get to work and terrorize them.

Thought you should know.