Saturday, November 6, 2010

It Only Takes Six Congressmen!

It only takes six Congressmen to stop the growth of government.

To find out whether your congressman is wiling to be one of the six;
Write him a letter which reads as follows:

Dear Mr. Congressman:

I know that you are alarmed at the continued growth in the
Size, Cost, Reach and Power of the government.

My request of you is quite simple.

In every committee meeting no matter how small, ask the following question;

“If this proposal goes through will it increase the size, cost, reach or power of the government?”

When the reply to your question is in the affirmative tell the sponsor that you are going to vote no on that bill or proposal for those reasons.

We have too much government now.

If you will do this and keep a tally and use your franking privileges to send a bulletin or a letter detailing the yea’s and nay’s you will go a long way in helping us slow the growth of government.

The only thing I ask other than that, is that you vote no on all of these little increases, the sum total of which make up this massive Federal Budget.

Keep a tally and let me know from month to month what the yea’s and nay’s are and I’ll spread the word.

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
And the beauteous land….

Mrs. J. A. Carney

How to find out who is your Congressman??

1) Go to this link
2) Type in your zip code in the upper left corner.
3) Hit go and your Congressman’s name will appear.


  1. Are there really six congressmen who have the patriotism to stand for what is right?

  2. there may be 6 but mine isn't one of them.. He 's a commie turncoat.. and personally, I am praying for God to punish everyone of them that has gone against the people..
    I'm sick of it.. they smooze everyone to get in office.. lying .. thats nothing..
    once thier in, they can steal what they want like votes
    Sam Farr is mine.. He's absolutely not one that would help save our country.. he won't even represent the people.. the LEGAL citizens that he is suppose to represent.. He's a liar and a thief... just like obama

  3. @queen of capitola.. Same as mine. Mine is Steny Hoyer, and he is so low that he buses in union workers to the polls, and has workers on those buses that hand out pre-filled ballots telling those people whom to vote for. I will send him this regardless, but I know it will have no impact on him or what he votes for.

  4. Message to the Traitors in Power: Obama, Boehner and Company

    This is NOT to ignore support for those who stand in solidarity against on-line censorship, but to continue SHOUTING: YOU WILL NOT SHUT ME UP, FACEBOOK!!!! This is my freedom. It is my first amendment right. You do not give or take away rights, only God above does.

    This nation is one nation UNDER HIM, NOT ALLAH, who seeks to destroy and end our Christian-Judeo way of life. Down with the infiltrators. Down with political correctness. Down with those who want to stop us from pledging allegiance to a flag that represents freedom for all in this Republic which belongs to us, not just a political class or an oppressive world governing power. Down with the United Nations! And “Yes” to freedom fighters all around the globe!

    The ten commandments and the Bill of Rights are all we need to live freely and wealthy. There is nothing wrong with making money, but there is something wrong with those who claim they fight for “social justice” only to seek and stay in power. Commies use divisiveness and fear to keep us feeling hopeless and oppressed. What they preach is not what they practice. It is not sincere. Look at how lavishly our president lives. Does he distribute his wealth? No. He’s a consummate hypocrite. There are some who believe in the ideals of communism and even live by them. This power maggot we call POTUS doesn’t.

    Pray for less government. Pray for more civility among those fighting for less government. Pray for less mass appeal to lowest common denominators.. race and class envy. No one except real victims of crime or combat should consider themselves victims. For shame on Republicans who insinuate we are racists for wanting to enforce our laws and curb government waste and spending.

    It’s bad enough the left panders. The GOP does it behind our backs. They are so ashamed about Amnesty they have to use other terms to fool us, and lie to our faces about not being able to secure the border. For shame on those who do not protect our sovereignty by passing Amnesty to make a small personal fortune, or because of some misguided notion that we can win Hispanics with this issue. Shame on those who will NOT help DEFUND Obamacare. Cowardly Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, McArthy, McCain, and Rubio: your job is to protect us, not reaching across the aisle to sell us out or by corrupting yourselves. Priebus: You were touting your horn about winning a debate issue. You picked a battle to fight not a war, like the lightweight that you are. I don’t care what film is made about her, the bottom line is: The GOP has not convicted Hillary for Benghazi.

    BOEHNER, you are an enemy of freedom and the people! No other politician has squandered more time since the power you were given in 2010. You have not only not led, you have hated on the those who have made your position possible. You have punished fiscal Conservatives and alienated candidates who were elected to effect real change. You have shirked your duties as Speaker of the House, a house that Sarah Palin built for you with her hard work and optimism at a time when NO one thought Obama could be defeated. She had the foresight. Not you. Not Bush. Not Romney. Not Paul.

    For shame, traitor! RESIGN!

    Thank you to all in DC who try fight the antagonism as shown by this most traitorous and treacherous Speaker who is against We the People and who relinquishes all power on a daily basis to our enemy. Thank the Lord for blessing us with a few good men and one steadfast, reliable and particularly incredible woman who continues to lead us without title. Amen.