Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why I Am Running As An Independent

Why am I running as an independent?

Very simply if I don’t run as an Independent you lose.

That’s right, you the voter loses.

Because in November you will have a choice between two handpicked stooges.

One running as a Democrat and one running as a Republican.
And both of them are going to give you more government and government programs as solutions to our problems...
Both of them are going to agree to increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of the government.

(The Republican in question will vote against the bills but will vote in favor of the budget.
In other words said Republican will vote to FUND WHAT said Republican voted against.)

You see when I wanted to run for Congress in 2010, I wanted to run as a Republican.
I got enough signatures to get on the ballot and then at the last minute the Republican Party said that I don’t qualify.  The Tennessee Republican Party("Republican Party Shafts Patriot") said that they don’t consider me a Republican,   by the way what is a Republican?  (link to Democrats and Republicans)  Maybe Chris Devaney will answer this question.
Give him a call at (615) 269-4260

I’m not going to go through that again.

The reason I’m running as an Independent is to give the voters a choice between a Democrat and a Republican who are going to give us more government.
Or Lenny Ladner who is committed to Voting No on any bill that 
increases the size, cost, extends the reach and power of the government.

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