Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If You Need Truth, Watch Cartoons

You know whenever I go into a truck stop restaurant and they have 
on the news.  It's either CNN (Communist News Network), or 
FOX (Faux, which means false in French).

Well I usually ask the waitress, (and thank you Heather at the Huddle House in Mount Vernon, TX)  if she could put on Looney Tunes.  
After all they make more sense.

Here's what came on: 

Good old Bugs Bunny wasn't going to leave the home he built 
and paid for because of some eminent domain government project.

"If you don't have property rights you don't have any human rights."  Ayn Rand.

If you want to see what government does to property rights.  
Read a book called "The Inhumanity of Urban Renewal," 
by Bryton Barron who to the best of my knowledge was the only
member of the John Birch Society who was also a member of the 
Council on Foreign Relations.

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My motto is:

Increasing liberty through decreasing government.

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