Monday, July 21, 2014

Are You Ready For The Ninth Inning???

OH, yeah.

Do you know what a politician really's cares about.

That is besides getting elected and reelected.

They care about keeping the game going.

As long as you are convinced that by paying your taxes and voting you can have change you are a bigger fool than I thought.

If you really want to have change we the people must draw a line in the sand.
And I guarantee you that on the other side of that line is, George Bush, Rush  Limbaugh, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and a group of the usual suspects who are getting rich by telling you lies.

If you want to get something done then you must do it yourself.

What Can I Do???

I'm Qualified:

 If you can read my rants then you are qualified to run for any legislative office.  The US House of Representatives, Your state house, your county commission and your city council.

Don’t run for County Executive, Mayor, Dog Catcher, Coroner, Recorder or Trustee.

Run for any legislative position.

I don’t care if you run as a Democrap, Republi-Con or thirdparty.

Just tell the people the truth.

“I’m going to look at these bills and if they increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government I will vote no for that reason.”

Its really a simple deal.

Why isn’t it being done???

Why aren’t you doing it??

Parasites In Politics

Let’s talk about another species.   

I call these people Political Parasites

In reality you have two kinds of this animal.

One is the kind who sends out emails asking for donations.

Groups like (Lloyd Marcus, Group to elect Conservative Senators, National Association of Gun Rights, Ron Paul hand over your hard earned cash movement) etc.

The other type of parasite is the kind who contacts Patriotic Americans who are sick of this march to a global dictatorship and offers to help my campaign if I would part with some of the money that I don’t have.

No matter how much money these people raise they are never going to get anything done.

They are fear mongers.   

Remember:::If you don’t give me 50 dollars Hillary is going to come into your house and take your guns.  You know the speil.

I’m not raising any money and Im not spending any money.

Washington DC's Most Dangerous Agency

 Why should I.

I'm not going to play the game,  "Money In Politics."

Tired of the crap.

Then lets talk about Scrap-Scrap

Another Question

How do you know if a politician is lying.

Well he if he’s moving his lips he is definitely lying.

Well how do you know if someone is telling the truth on Facebook?

Ask him this question.

“How are you going to vote on the Chattahoochee River Bill?

If the answer is in the positive then you know you have a lying, conniving, slippery, slimy, socialist politician who wants to increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government.

I have come across a lot of third party politicians who will not tie themselves down that they will work for less government.

I have asked a few Libertarians and members of the “Constitution Party” to use my verbage..

”I will vote no on any bill which would increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government.”

They won’t.   

Therefore the answer that they give me is totally unacceptable.
That answer is, “Well I’m a Libertarian.”   


If you are not going to make that statement then you are just like the idiots who are in Washington DC who have just about put this nation in slavery.

Is that what you want????

Politicians Think They Are Smart????

You know a lot of the politicians speaking at the Clarksville DAV were bragging about their advanced degrees.

After all if a politician is telling you he's smart he really means that you are stupid.

This is what they all say.

Well I got my bachelors degree from, such and such.
I then got a masters degree from such and such.
I then got another masters degree from such and such.
I hold an advanced certificate in stealing elections from Whats-a-Matta-U.

Me:  I’m just a dumb old truck driver 

I have a Bachelors of Science in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

And I will go on record that I’m a hell of a lot more honest than any one of these over educated ding bats.

I will also say that I’m a hell of a lot smarter than all of them put together.

Do you want to know why?????

Because I have the brains to look at the bills that I’m going to be voting on and ask a question that these over educated dingbats don’t have the brains to ask.

That question is “If this bill passes will it increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of the government?”


Isn't that what you would do?????

It's time to kick out all the career politicians and replace them with people who know how to think.

It's Primary Day: Who Do I Vote For???

You know there are a lot of politicians that enter primaries.

Who do you vote for??????

Well I’ll tell you who to vote against.

Vote against the guy with the most TV ads.
Vote against the guy with the most radio commercials.
Vote against the guy with the most signs.


Because they had to raise money.  The more money you raise the more deals you have to make.   

I guarantee you that these deals do not give “We The People” back their liberty.

Did you know????

I would like to add something to this drivel.

We are waiting for the results of the Republican Primary for US Senate in Tennessee with baited breath.

We are told by the prostitute press that it's a two man race between Arthur Lamar Alexander and challenger Joe Carr.

We are also being told by the so called Tea Party that Joe Carr is the best chance we have to eliminate Arthur Lamar Alexander.

Why aren't they telling you the truth, that there are 8 candidates in that primary???

Now under no circumstances will I campaign for or support Joe Carr.

I first heard about him two years ago and the fact that he had to go home to Murfreesboro to get commitments for $200,000 to hire a "High Powered Marketing Firm" frankly scare me.

If Mr. Carr has to go to a public relations firm to figure out what to say to the voters then he has nothing to say.

As a matter of fact, all politicians have nothing to say.

Mr. Carr is just another "Great White Hope" who will raise a lot of money and spend a lot of money and try to sell you something that ain't there.

I don't remember Mr. Carr going on record that he would VOTE NO on any bill which would increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government.

Did he???


Now I really wonder what Mr. Carr will do with what ever is left over in his campaign chest?

If you want less government you need to take a look at this little truck driver.


Politicians: Their Codewords.

Do you know the difference between a Politician and a Statesman???

A Politician is concerned about getting elected and reelected.

A Statesman is concerned about his nation and its future.

Do you know when a politician is lying?

His lips are moving.

Politics is made up of two words.

Poly for many.

Ticks for blood suckers.

Now you know why we have the problems we have in these United States.

You know what else is funny about politicians.

They like to use buzzwords.

These are words that mean NOTHING.

Some of the “Conservative” political want to be's in Clarksville used a great term.

It all sounds good but let me put it to you this way.

With all the politicians in our House of Representatives and the various State Legislatures.

Some of them CLAIM to be Born Again Christian's.

Well with that why are they voting for more government???

I would rather have an atheist with no “world view” voting NO on any bill that would increase the size, cost, extend the reach of government.  Than have one of these “Born Again???” Christian's looking at the merits of these bills and voting to put US into slavery.

Know any of these types.??

You can vote yourself into slavery.
You ain't going to vote yourself out.

How do you like them apples????


Mendacity Revisited

My late great friend, Max Roach was married to Abbey Lincoln for many years.

Listen to what she has to say about politicians,

Just in case.

Lyrics, Mendacity.


It makes the world go round.

A politician makes a speech
And never hears the sound.

The campaign trail winds on and on.
In towns from coast to coast.

The winner ain’t the one who’s straight
But he who lies the most.

Now voting rights in this fair land

Are not denied

But if I tried in certain states

From Treetops I’d be tied.


It seems its everywhere.

But try and tell the truth

And most folks scream


( I had to transcribe this.  I hope I didn’t miss anything.)

You know as great as Abbey was.  My man, Eric Dolphy does one hell of a kick ass solo on alto sax.  That is followed up by Uncle Max doing his thing on the drums.

Know what with all the activism of Max and Abbey against segregation in the south they neglected to take care of the segregation up in the North.  Especially in Liberal, Politically Correct Boston.

Now Abbey was talking about the good people of color voting.

I say voting for what.  After all you have two slimy slippery politicians, one is a Democrat.  The other is a Republican and both are going to give you more government and more government programs as a solution to a problem that was created by the government.

You know, that's a PRETTY NEAT TRICK !
Create a problem and then propose a solution which puts more power into your hands.

You know a certain slimy Senator from New York wants to limit the First Amendment.

Why:  Because the truth about what’s going on is starting to come out.
And when it does the people are going to be pissed really pissed.

After all this Slimy Senator is probably getting money from the people who wish to destroy this great land. 

Take a look at a piece called, "Kapo Schumer."

I say it's high time we learned a phrase.

That phrase is, "Why are these politicians proposing an increase in the size, cost, reach and power of government as a solution to our problem?"

Now I will tell you I only know one person running for office who will VOTE NO on any bill which would increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of government.

I hope you get to know Lenny Ladner

Ain't Anybody Have Something Original To Say???

"Tweeledum and Tweeledee.
All these politicians sound the same to me."

You know at this DAV thing all of the politicians really sounded alike to me.

This is what it sounded like

Hi, my name is So and So.
I am 50 years old.
I have lived in Montgomery County, TN for 47 years.
I have been married to my wife Jo for 25 years.
We have 5 marvelous children.

So What.   

I couldn’t care if you stepped out of a flying saucer yesterday.
I couldn’t care if you have been cheating on your wife of 25 years for the last 20.
I couldn’t care if your marvelous kids were axe murderers  

The question should be....
How are you going to vote on the issues????
What are you going to base your vote on???

I’m going to base all my votes on a simple question.
That question is, “If this bill becomes law will it increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government?” and I will vote no on that bill for those reasons.

Thought you should know.

If you really want change.  You have to select candidates who are ordinary people.
Like me.


Pandering Politicians

You know I really hate panderer’s.

When I attended the DAV political forum a few weeks ago.
Each and every politician thanked the veterans for their service defending our freedoms.

Now the definition of freedom can be found here. 

Freedom is  the opposite of slavery.

The definition of slavery can be found here.

Now about our brave soldiers.  

Who were they defending our freedom against?
Were we in ever in danger of being enslaved by another country?

In reality since 1946 we have been in never ending staged managed wars that were directed by the United Natons.

The goals of these wars was not to have our military win them but to end these wars with a negotiated settlement which would give more power to the United Nations.

Now in reality these pandering politicians know that they are putting US in slavery.
One line of legislation at a time.  

They know damn well that their support of more government as a solution to our problems has taken away our liberty, one line of legislation at a time.

You know, that's a pretty neat trick.

Thought you should know.

What you should also know is you have a little old troublemaker, me running for Congress in Tennessee's 7th District.

If I'm elected I will VOTE NO on any bill that will increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government.  We have too much government.

Is Your Primary Fixed?

Now there is a little FIXED race in Tennessee’s Fourth congressional district.

You have an incumbent, Scott Des Jarlais

Scotty is a two term Congressman.  In the beginning of his first term he represented Lewis County, where I live.  By sheer coincidence I got to meet his father in law at Franklin Minerals in Anderson, TN which is on the bottom of Monteagle on TN 56.

Scott’s father in law and I exchanged pleasantries and I told him that I want his son in law to look at these bills and VOTE NO on any bill which would increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government.  He said that not only would he be happy to relay the message but email him anything of interest and Scott would get it.

Well Congressman Desjarlais actually voted that way on one bill.

That was the first vote he had in 2011.  The bill was to increase the pay for Congress critters starting in 2013.  HE VOTED WITH THE DEMOCRATS AND THE VOTE WAS NO!

It seems that a high mucky muck from the Republi-Con party tapped him on the shoulder and told him that if he goes against the party again they would arrange a challenger against him in the primaries.

Now guess who is running against our friend Scott.?

A slippery, slimy, scummy, treasonous politician whose behavior could border on sedition.

Jim Tracy who is a handpicked stooge put up by the Tennessee Republi-Con Party’s leadership. This leadership only supports Republi-con's who they can control.  I guess they figured out in 2010 that I could not be (and would not be) controlled.

And I will never forget it. 

Anyway...My first question to this stooge is how did you raise 1.4 million dollars?
Who do you owe favors to?   
What kind of deals have you made?

Now something else has happened.  You have two other challengers who both sound good but in my opinion are there to take votes away from DesJarlais.  After all politics is a really dirty business, isn't it???

Now if I had to support a candidate in this race it would be the Independent, Dr. Robert Doggett.   

I don’t think he would make any backroom deals and then stab the US Bill of Rights in the back.

If you live in Tennessee's Seventh District and want a Patriot instead of a politician give me a look.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

What An Endorsement

I found this endorsement on Facebook the other day.

"Lenny is a hard nosed New Yorker (been a Tennessee transplant for over 10 years) whose abrasive no nonsense attitude would serve us well in the House of Representatives, because he would represent all of us. The other candidates were good, but to me wouldn't shake up the status quo on the Hill the way James and Ladner will."

The endorsement was from Joe Cook of Clarksville, TN.

PS. I have been a proud resident of the GREAT STATE OF TENNESSEE for a little less than eight years.


The most important fact is that if I'm elected to the House of Representatives I will make you a promise and keep this promise.

I'm going to look at these bills and ask a question.
If that bill passes will it increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government.


If you like what I said, please share it.

If you have any comments please feel free to get back to me,

My motto is:

Increasing liberty through decreasing government.