Thursday, January 17, 2013

Obama's Executive Orders, Another Joke.


I have been asked what my reaction is to the latest stunt that the Obama administration proposed yesterday.

Well if I were in the House of Representatives right now I would introduce a bill which would prohibit the Executive Branch (President) from using any discretionary funds to implement any domestic gun control scheme, international treaty relating to small arms or strengthening any Federal Agency that has jurisdiction (which has been obtained through bureaucratic fiat) dealing with firearms.

In addition to that I would ask a question on any Executive Order that came down to The House of Representatives for funding.

That question would be the following.

“If this bill gets funded will it increase the size of government?

Will it increase the cost of government?

Will it extend the reach (reach means that government does something tomorrow that it didn’t do today) of government?

Will it increase the power of government?”

If that Executive Order does any of the above I would vote against funding that bill.

In addition to that any new Rules, Regulations, Codes, Guidelines and Standards that are written by any Federal Agency dealing with the Second Amendment, Firearms, Small Arms Treaties, Civilian Disarmament, or infringe on a citizens Second Amendment Rights will not be funded. 

Now where are the Republicans on this issue?

Where is Marcia Blackburn and Michelle Bachman?

What about Dr. Paul Broun and Justin Amash????

Let’s draw a line in the sand and dare Obama to cross it.

Thought you should know.