Friday, January 20, 2012

Blank Checks

Did you know that these government owned, publicly traded mortgage companies.
You know, Fannie May and Freddie Mac can issue their own bonds. This is done without the approval of the House of Representatives.

These bonds add to the public debt.

The solution to this is to have the House of Representatives cut off
from these companies.


Transparent Government?

Get used to asking these politicians a question.

"Did you write that bill?"
"Who wrote that bill?"
"If you didn't write that bill why did you introduce it?"
"How much did someone pay you to sponsor or co-sponsor that bill?"

A good example of this behavior is the recently defeated SOPA act.


Take That Earmark And...........

Earmarks are bribes. These bribes are used to get Congressmen to vote for a particular spending bill.

What do you think would happen if we turned Earmarks against the political bosses in the House or Representatives????


Congressional Robots

The little robots that you elected to represent you in the House of Representatives don't listen to you.
They are following orders!
From Whom?????

Both sides are in lockstep with their parties.

Who is giving the orders?



Who is giving them the orders?

Who is writing the “playbook?”

Who makes the policy?

Fabian Socialist Society

Fabian Tracts for both sides

Right wing solution to problem

Left wing solution to problem

The publication that was used here was called “Critical Issues.”

It took a liberal position on an issue and a conservative position

On an issue.

Any thing else was speaking “Outside the box” and not allowed.

The result, "Robotic Representatives" who couldn't give a rats ass about the oath they took to you and me.

Net result, each and every session of Congress increases the size, cost, extends the reach and power of the government.

They have more power and you less.

Thought you ought to know.


New Blood - New Treason

It seems that when a "Congresscritter" retires what takes his place becomes worse.


I have a question that you should ask any candidate for public office.

That question is,

"Why are you supporting an increase in the size, cost, extending the reach and power of the government??????"

Bug a politician today. Ask that question.


Bureaucratic Lunacy

Can You Top This????

Diapers on horses????

Are all bureaucrats crazy?????

Lets cure the problem once and for all.

Cut the government back in the reverse fashion that it was expanded.

An idea whose time has come!


Financial Crisis

Was the financial crisis of 2007 manufactured?

You know it was!

Get the government off our backs and out of our pockets.

Elect people with the brains to look at the bill, read the bill,
study the bill and ask a question.

That question is::::

"If this bill passes will it increase the size, cost,
extend the reach and power of the government?"

And VOTE NO on that bill for those reasons.

Video on John Greene that was mentioned on this page.

What Can I Do??????

Don't just sit there. Do something...Anything.
Run for office, you are qualified.
Go to a meeting and ask a question.
That question will devastate the speakers at the meeting.

The question is
"Why are you advocating an increase in the

size, cost, extending the reach and power of government????
We have too much government now."

Do it now!

PS.  This video was made for my campaign for Congress, 2010 which was aborted by
Chairman Chris Devaney of the Tennessee Republican party.
Anyway I'm running this year, 2012 as an Independent in Tennessee's 7th Congressional District.


Healthcare Is Going To Kill You


To The Young

If you are between 10 and 25 years old you need to watch this.

Youth is our greatest resource. If youth can be armed with
truth we can stop this march to global enslavement.


On The Budget

Isn't it a bit strange that these Congressmen vote no on a bill
but will vote yes to fund it?????

You can vote your way into slavery,
but you can't vote your way out of it.

More government, more government on top of that.
Pretty soon you have total government.

That is a totalitarian Communist Dictatorship.

Thought you should know.



What is a Non-Governmental Organization?

It's an organization that advocates something;
like more and more government.

This is what I plan to do about it.

If you remember after the 2010 Congressional Elections.
The head of Planned Parenthood was interviewed and she admitted
that her organization gets almost a million dollars from the Federal Government.

That's your money. The giveaways to these loudmouth organizations need to stop!

By the way,,,, Where is Rush Limbaugh on this issue???

AWOL, what do you expect, he is collecting a BIG PAYCHECK!

What do you think about this issue?


I Want To Be Your Congressman

Do you want another slippery slimy politician in office????

How about an ordinary guy. ME.

Oh, since this video was made I have a new ride.

You can see it here


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Washington's Most Dangerous Bureaucracy

Under the "Voting Rights Act."
The Federal Government effectively control all the elections.

Through their two hairy arms on the same body (Democratic and Republican Party) they
select the "Qualified" candidates.

Qualified is that you have money, belong to certain groups. support more and bigger government as a solution to our problems and what's most important the candidate will keep the debate inside a box.

The way you can get the debate outside the box is to ask a question.

That question is, "If this bill becomes law will it increase the size,
cost, extend the reach and power of the government????"

Election, What Election????

Did we have an election???

George V. Hansen

James Trafficant What really got the Collectivist Elitist Scum steamed is that Mr. Trafficant wanted some answers on the Waco raid which took place in 1993.


I'll Vote Yes::::On These Bills


You Are Productive: Are They???

Can government be productive?

What does the Department of Energy do?

NOTHING, but take your money and spit out more rules,
regulations, codes, guidelines and standards: that we don't

Who is writing the laws?
These laws are not being written by Congress.

These rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and standards are being written by a big, fat, parasitic BUREAUCRAT who is living on your money.

And he is putting you in prison.

You Dig?????

Remember you can vote your way into slavery but you can’t vote your way out of slavery

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
And the beauteous land….

Money In Politics

Why would anybody spend a million dollars for a political job that pays under, two hundred thousand a year????
Well let’s do it this way.
You have a liberal politician. The liberal politician goes in front of a liberal crowd. Like the ACLU. The ACLU raises money and gives the politician money for his campaign.
Now you have a conservative politician. The conservative politician goes in front of a conservative crowd. Like the NRA. They give him money for his campaign.
Now this is where the differences end.
The money that goes into the campaign can be used for the campaign or if there is money left over used for the next campaign or the politician whether it’s the conservative or liberal can use this money any way he wants after the proper paperwork is filed with the Federal Election Commission, State Election Commission and the Internal Revenue Service.
Now this is where it gets interesting:
You have a Conservative Politician. Maybe he is a Constitutionalist, maybe he is a good person, but I doubt it. He is told by his party; I guess he is running as a Republican, that if you do what the party or the Republican National Committee tells you to do we will make sure that you have no opposition in the primaries. So you won’t have to spend any money.
And if it is a Liberal Politician, the Democratic Party says, you know what, you do what we tell you to do, or do what the Democratic National Committee tells you to do. We will make sure that there will be no opposition against you in the primaries.
This way you will not have to spend any money
So the politician goes to the primaries. He doesn’t have any opposition and doesn’t have to use any money in his campaign chest.
Now a politician that has been in office a long time, whether he’s a conservative or a liberal he does what he is told to do. The opposing party either doesn’t run anybody, like in the case of John Q. Duncan in the Second District of Tennessee.
Until my friends and I ran John Greene against him in 2002, 2004 and 2006

Or the other party runs a weakling against the incumbent politician
This guarantees that the incumbent stays in office.
Oh, and yes he doesn’t have to spend much money to get reelected.
Guess what happens to the money? It stays in the campaign chest.
Now you figure out over five terms, eight terms, ten terms and longer.
How much money can these clowns put away???????
Think about it.
And you know what. It’s all legal. You know why it’s legal.
They wrote the laws. That makes it legal. Does it make it right???
But this is stuff you ought to know.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Reply To Loundon County Tea Party

Concerning the increases in the School Board Budget.

The one thing that I forgot to mention is that.
The state and the various organs of the state that means the county and the city
Are forced to raise taxes and raise money to pay for more and more of these federally mandated programs.

The way this works is that in a committee or a sub-committee or a caucus.
These Congressmen are bullied into accepting a program or increasing funding for an existing program. And it’s not necessarily a social welfare program.

For example:

One of these programs can be for example, $50 million dollars for federally funded school psychiatrists.
This would come down to a Million dollars for each and every state.
Now that’s not a lot of money to them but it is to you and me.

Essentially what they do is they say that this will be a “Matching Funds” program.
The Federal Government puts up half the money and the state puts up the other half.

Now each and every year in the future this program gets bigger and bigger.
It goes from One Million in the first year to Two Million in the second year.
Now the state has to raise their half, and that amount just doubled.
The third year it goes to Three Million dollars and the state’s share went from $500,000 in year one, to One Million in year two to One and One Half Million in year three.

That is a lot of scratch...

Now the state must find ways and means to raise their half.

How is Tennessee going to pay for it?
Increasing the sales tax.
Real Estate tax.
Income Tax.
You know that is their next step.

Now that’s why the School Budget in Loundon County went up.
Now that is what the Superintendent doesn’t want you to know. Because he not only wants the program but profits by having it. After all it isn’t HIS money.

Now what needs to be done is to get people in the House of Representatives who would be willing to ask a simple question…each and every chance they get.
That question is…

"Does this increase the size, cost; extend the reach and power
of the government?????"

That question will shut up these liberals and others who want a totalitarian state which would be controlled by them.

Once that question is asked these liberals and big spenders will be afraid to open their mouths.

Once that question is asked these bureaucrats who wish to expand their agency will be afraid to ask a Member of the House of Representatives to help finance their agencies growth.

Now knowing this I would be happy to talk to your group about how to fix our problems.

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
And the beauteous land….

Mrs. J.A. Carney


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How To Fix Our Problem #2

Nullification: Raise Hell


How To Fix Our Problem #1

Nullification Run::::


The Smartest Man I Know Part 2

My friend and mentor, Charlie Smith in the studio 2003.
This video is called "Politics 101."


The Smartest Man I Know Part 1

"Are Your A Leader"

This is a video by my friend and mentor Charlie Smith.
It was shot around 2000.