Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Marcia Flops Again

It seems Marcia Blackburn is waking up.

She has recently written a report called “Not on My Watch.”

The article can be viewed here.

She is upset that the TSA has hired drug dealers, pedophiles, child molesters and she wants to fix the hiring practices at TSA.

What a crock!

What she is doing my fellow Americans is trying to keep the debate on the various TSA scandals inside the box.  She wants to reform TSA.  She wants to do what is safe and have the Republican Party support her so she can get reelected.  (Please read "Money In Politics.")

I have a better idea.  Let’s eliminate TSA and the rest of the Federal Government's Police State.

Marcia’s record is that she voted to extend the Patriot Act which allows for Homeland security agency and its little bastard brother TSA.

She has voted to increase the debt ceiling which puts WE THE PEOPLE further into debt.

She has voted for MDAA, which can possibly put American citizens behind bars with out a trial or hearing.

She also supported HR 347

Marcia.  You voted for a police state. 
Learn how to live with it.

Oh, by the way I hope one of those TSA employees make your life miserable the next time
you fly.   
You have got to learn how to live like the rest of US.
You know the people who you are putting in prison.

To get out of this prison we need to cut the size, cost, extent of reach and power of government on all levels.

What is your reaction to this article?

A Solution to Illegal Immigration

How to solve the problem.

First you have the House of Representatives cut off all taxpayer money to all of these Non-Governmental Organizations.  A Non-Governmental Organizations is a group that advocates something.

Like taking away your country, your liberties and your freedoms.

You have a bunch of these Non-Governmental Organizations that are advocating more immigration and more and special privileges for certain types of immigrants.

Then you cut off the money in Congress that funds the special privileges like low interest loans, grants and the rest of the nonsense that these immigrants get.

More on Illegal Immigration.

If the local authorities in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were allowed to do their jobs 20 and 30 years ago you wouldn’t have the problem of Mexican illegal crossing out borders.

Now who took the power away from the local authorities?????  Our esteemed (Corrupt) master’s in Washington DC.  They created the problem of illegal coming in from Mexico and they now offer a solution.  That solution is in the form of a border fence, after all a fence can keep people OUT but can be used to keep people IN and a national ID card.

Their solution is a giant prison in these United States.  And of course they will control it.

How do you like it now???

What is your reaction to this?

Illegal Immigration, Problem & Solution

Before you even look at “Illegal Immigration.”

You have to ask yourself a question.  Why are we looking at all the illegal immigrants from Mexico?  What about the illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe, East Africa, Asia, Central Asia, you know Hindu’s and Moslem’s.

Ask yourself a question.  Who is bringing them in and why?????

The who is the United Nations They are forcing these people down our throats.

The why is to create ethnic ghettos in these United States.
These people have no intention of assimilating and becoming US citizens.

So what you are going to have is a Hindu ghetto over here.
A Moslem ghetto over there
An East African ghetto over there.

The whole idea is to get these people in here who are going to keep living in this country the way they have been living in their country. 
They will challenge our laws, our traditions and use the court system to get their way.

Now another thing is that you have certain members of the House of Representatives that are in these areas.  They are not only welcoming these immigrants but they are getting money from the community leaders so that they can sponsor legislation that is beneficial to that community.  In other words you have an amendment to a defense bill that gives special privileges, low interest loans, grants to a certain community of immigrants.

That is your money that is being given away.  How do you like those apples???

Another thing that is extremely frightening is that a lot of these newly naturalized citizens
Who are getting involved in the political process.
Now start looking at some of them and I don’t like what you are going to see.

One that I want to pick on (and I’m Jewish so I can get away with this)
Take a look at what that little Nazi-Socialist gun grabbing individual who is Mayor of Chicago has to say about our country, our Constitution, our rights.

As far as I’m concerned he and his brother, who wrote some of “Obamacare” need to be deported as undesirables.   

Another benefit to our would be prison wardens is that illegal immigration creates problems. 

They are ready to solve these problems with more devices of government control.  What do you think a National ID Card is for?  It controls you and protects them.
After so much media attention on Illegal Immigration the sheep will accept whatever measure Schumer and others like him will propose.

I would appreciate your input on this.

Lets make the FDA go away.

If you look at the FDA and the FDA alone you are missing the boat.

All of these Federal Agencies
Write their own rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and standards.
They publish these rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and standards in the Federal Register and if they go unchallenged they have the power of law.

Then they all go to Congress each and every year to get more money to enforce these, rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and standards.

These agencies increase their size, cost, reach and power every year.

In other words these agencies get more money.

They have to spend it so they hire more people.

You have to give these people something to do so they have more bullyboys enforcing more rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and standards and the agency gets more powerful each and every year.

Now the trick in dealing with these agencies.  Oh, you can call them “Soviets.”
A “Soviet” is a committee.  That committee regulates life in one area...

So FDA is a “Soviet”.  It controls everything to do with food and drugs.
EPA is a “Soviet”.  It controls everything to do with the environment.
Etc. Etc. Etc.

The way to destroy the power of these agencies is as follows.

Next years Federal Budget, 2014 will be funded at 2012 levels.  All the increases that were put in after 2012 will not be funded.

Federal Budget, 2015 will be funded at 2011 levels.  All the increases that were put in after 2011 will not be funded.

Federal Budget, 2016 will be funded at 2010 levels.  All the increases that were put in after 2010 will not be funded.

Federal Budget, 2017 will be funded at 2009 levels.  All the increases that were put in after 2009 will not be funded.

What you are doing is cutting off the money to these agencies and by cutting it off in the reverse fashion that these agencies were expanded you are cutting off their reach and power.

Ladies and Gentlemen, stop feeding the snake and it will die.

I would welcome your input on this matter.

Open Letter to the LIBERTARIANS

This is my answer to all of your questions.


In your terms and the way you phrase the questions, the solution to our problem is in the House of Representatives

In the US Constitution only the House of Representatives can spend money, and raise revenues

Only the House. Not the Court, not the President can spend money.

Therefore the solution to our problem our economic problems, foreign policy problems, domestic problems, privacy problems etc.   is first to have the members of the House of Representatives at this time  to VOTE NO on increasing the spending for any and all regulatory agencies.

(For the time being excluding the entitlement programs which can be dealt with later)

Each member of the house will serve on dozens of appropriation committees.

What each member needs to do is to ask a question about every funding bill which comes before it.  ::: 

“If we pass this bill will it increase the size, cost, reach or power of the regulatory agencies?”

If the House would reject all such bills the growth of government would come to a screeching halt and in a very short time the budget would be balanced and we wouldn’t be talking about these problems.

Each and every question you are asking me is based on a continuation of the current spending practices of the House of Representatives.  And the problems cannot be solved unless the practices of increasing the budgets of every regulatory agency come to a halt.  And then start cutting those budgets.  This will reverse the process and solve the problem.

Because taxes will remain the same and we will run a budget surplus and that surplus would be used to get rid of this national debt over a period of time.

Stop the growth of government and roll it back in the reverse fashion it was expanded.

Leave the taxes exactly where they are today, cut government’s size, cost, reach and power.  Use the extra money to pay down the debt.  The dollar strengthens, regulations are relaxed and you have explosive growth in the private sector in the economy.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Second Amendment

The Purpose Of The Second Amendment

Why was the Second Amendment put into the Constitution?
So that we could protect ourselves from the government!
Other measures to protect US from the government were:

1)                  The fedgov could have no army in peacetime.
2)                  Fedgov could not quarter troops in our houses
3)                  Fedgov could send troops into a state only with the consent of the state government or during an insurrection.
Without an army how could the federal government defend the country against invasion and war?
By calling out the militia:  Each state had an organized militia under the control of the state government (the officers were trained by the federal government).
What was to prevent the state government from using the militia against its own citizens?
    To regulate that is to control the militia the Founder’s said “Arm the entire population”
THAT is the Second Amendment.

In the “Federalist Papers” the founders asserted that the combined militias of the states would be stronger than any force the Federal Government could raise, and by the same reasoning an armed population would be stronger than any militia a State Government could use against its citizens.
The Second Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting, sportsmanship or target shooting:
The claim that it does has been made by people who want to exclude the ordinary citizens.
(Who are not hunters, sportsmen or target shooters) from the debate.
This allows those promoters to agree to a series of compromises which over time will disarm the people and leave US at the mercy of the government.

If you are a gun owner in America.
Vote for Leonard “ Lenny” Ladner for United States House of Representatives, 7th District, TN.


????? ROMNEY ????

I spoke to a friend of mine and asked him what his opinion was on Mitt Romney.

His response is the following:

“If Mitt Romney was running against Satan
I would vote for Satan because Satan isn’t wearing a mask.”