Monday, October 27, 2014

I Only Got An A.??????

Back in July I filled out a survey for Gun Owners ofAmerica.

(If you want an original copy of the survey as a PDF email me and I’ll send it to you)

They just published the ratings on their website today.
Here is the link....

I only got an A and I’m mighty disappointed.

I got the same grade as my opponent, Marcia Blackthorn (who is a thorn on the tree of liberty.) 

If she gets the same rating as me something is really wrong.

It seems that Gun Owners of America will give an A plus only to someone who will sponsor legislation.

OK.  Well let me tell you what happens when you introduce legislation.

One the opposition who is being paid by the Collectivist Elitist Scum, Eastern Establishment British Internationalist Banking Class can amend your legislation.

And after it’s amended to death it says the  opposite what you wanted to do.

Ask former Idaho Senator Larry Craig what the Gun Grabbers in the Senate did to his pro Second Amendment bill.

What makes Gun Owners think a piece of legislation can make it out of committee?
What makes them think it can make it through a floor vote?
What makes them think it will be taken up by the Senate?

Gee what ever happened to Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed Bill?”
The Senate wouldn’t hear it.

Oh, even if it passes the Senate, what makes you think that the future PRESENT IDIOT
(President) will sign it.

Now the way to restore the Second Amendment is three fold.

One, not allow one piece of Anti-Second Amendment legislation to get out of subcommittees or committees.
Two, use the power of the budget to eventually eliminate any agency whose job it is to regulate firearms.

Three, (And Larry Pratt of Gun Owners knows about this.)

Have a Congressman (like that little troublemaker from Tennessee (ME)) put a rider on each and every piece of legislation.  That rider would say, “Congress votes to strip the Supreme Court’s appellate jurisdiction on any matter concerning firearms, ammunition, the people’s right to own firearms etc.”

The left is using the state legislatures to pass more gun control laws and the state courts are upholding them.  The next step is for the Normal Pro Gun Crowd to go to the Federal Courts.

If you think we are going to get a fair shake on the Federal level I have a bridge to sell you.

We must stop these cases from going to the Supreme Court or we will have no Second Amendment very soon.

Anyway I still got an A but I feel I deserve better.

Various links dealing with this fine article.

Lenny Ladner on the Second Amendment.

What a great video.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hey Salvatore!!! We Have An Election

My reaction to the upcoming election.

You know in Tennessee you have more signs on "Yes On One" than you have for all the political hacks combined.

Do you know why there aren't any signs for your local Congresscritter????

Because the "Powers To Be" don't want you to know that there is an election for Congress.
They also don't want you to know who your Congressman is.  
This way you can't ask him the following question.

That is:

"Mr. Congressman, I understand we have a lot of problems in these United States.
Why are you always proposing a one size fits all solution to these problems?
Why are you always advocating some sort of an increase in the size, cost, extending the reach or power of government as a solution to these problems.  Don't you realize we have too much government already!"

Any questions????

How To Win

A Question?

Another Con-Game

Take Some Action

Did We Have An Election?????

To find out who you your Congressman is please go to

Interview With Arvin Vohra on 10/22

This is my interview with Arvin Vohra on "Libertarians Working For You" on 10/22/14

My part starts at 30 minutes.

Any comments or questions.  Please feel free to contact me at:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Columbia, TN Daily Herald Q & A.

The following are the questions asked by the Daily Herald and my answers.

1.      Do you agree with President Obama’s current plan to combat Islamic extremists?  What, if anything, would you do differently?

I disagree with Obama sending American troops anywhere, to fight anybody for any reason unless Congress declares war.

The problem is that the war making powers of the United States have secretly but openly handed over to the United Nations.

Every battle we have been in since WW 2 has been instigated controlled and have the outcome directed by the United Nations.

2.      What are the biggest challenges you believe are facing senior citizens and what would you do to help them?

The biggest challenge facing senior citizens is the constant confiscation of their savings and money by the Federal Government and by the State Governments to support federally mandated programs.

Except for the entitlement programs I would reduce the size, cost, reach and power of every government agency in the reverse fashion that the increases have occurred.

3. Is America living up to its commitment to military veterans?  What, if anything, would you do to change that?

NO.  It is not living up to its commitments.  I would correct this by having the Congress take away any and all money being used by the military in foreign countries.  Withdraw from NATO, CENTO, CETO and the rest of those organizations.

4. Do you believe a tax increase will be needed during the next Congressional term, and if so could you support it?

Every agency of the Federal government has expanded every year.
Every agency giving money to the states has expanded every year and has caused the States governments to increase their taxes (EPA OSHA ATF)

We would have to raise taxes, unless the House of Representatives votes no on any bill which would increase the size cost reach or power of government which is what I would do.

5. Do you believe further academic reforms are needed for the nation’s public school systems? Explain.

We don’t need academic reforms.  What we need is for the House to abolish the Dept. of Education.  Get the Federal Government out of the school system.  So that the largest agency involved in education would be the state government.

6. GM recently announced it would move production of a Cadillac from Mexico to Spring Hill. Do you believe America can reverse the long trend of losing manufacturing to other countries, and if so, what can be done to expedite that process?

The taxation problem in this country is what is causing the companies to move overseas.  If you start abolishing these agencies the taxes will go down and the companies will stay here.

The poor people who are unemployed will have jobs.

7. What one thing do you think would most help create jobs in the U.S. and particularly in Southern Middle Tennessee? Explain.

Cut the size, cost, reach and power of the Federal Government.
Get rid of those regulatory agencies.
 (When GE dropped its attempts to build dozens of nuclear power plants in this country. They said they have spent more money trying to get through EPA regulations than what it would have cost to build the plants.)

The people of Tennessee will have the state blossom.

8.  The national budget deficit has shrunk dramatically since 2009.  Should reducing it further still be a priority of the Congress, and if so, what new steps would you propose to achieve this?

Reduce the size, cost, reach and power of every regulatory agency in the reverse fashion in which they were expanded.


(We have too much government on all levels.)

9.  The oil industry drilling technique called “fracking” has produced an energy boom but also widespread fears in the public, including groundwater contamination and earthquakes.  Do you believe this is a safe practice, and do you support expansion of its use? Explain.

The principal use of the gas produced by fracking is to put it in ships and send it overseas as rapidly as possible to deplete the supply here.

WE are importing oil.  Oil is fuel. Then why are we exporting it?
(See answer 7)
An energy crisis will be produced by this process necessitating more government controls.

10. What do you believe is the solution to the nation’s illegal immigration problems?  How would you personally work to achieve that solution?

What I would do is to encourage companies who wish to locate in other countries.
To locate their manufacturing facilities in Latin America.
So that the productive activity would be there and their citizens would stay there.

Eg:  The shoemaking industry was shipped to China.
The textile industry was shipped to China.
American auto manufacturers were forced out of business by our government to encourage the Europeans and Asians to manufacture cars.

11. Do good legislators have a responsibility to seek solutions through compromise, or is it better for them to stick closely to the ideology or party lines their constituents expect? Explain.

A good legislator will be on a dozen or more sub committees.
A good legislator will ask about any piece of legislation put in that committee.
The following question.
If we pass this bill will it increase the size, cost, reach or power of government.
A good legislator will ask did you write this bill?
A good legislator will ask for the names of the people who wrote that bill.
None of the writers are Congressmen.
The bill should be pitched out.

(OR you can use this to answer that question)

Except for the entitlement programs which we will deal with later.

I will vote no on any bill which would increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government.  Which is what the bills do.  Using a smokescreen of solving a problem that their previous actions have created.

12. Would you support a federal increase in the minimum wage?  If so, under what circumstances?


If the previous things that I said I would do are implemented.
Taxes will drop dramatically.  Workers would have more take home pay.
That is an increase in wages.

13. Besides combating terrorism, what do you believe is the top foreign policy concern facing America, and what steps would you take to address it?

With respect to the American people not the government.
The top policy foreign policy problem facing us is having the Federal Government gradually surrender American power, piece by piece, step by step to various international organizations.  Centered in the so called United Nations. So that America would no longer exist as an independent country.

In the bible.

Jesus said, “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and render to God what is God’s.

Whose face is on the coin?

When your coins are printed by the United Nations that’s who is running the country.


Bankruptcy, default, is being produced by governmental activities designed to bring about this situation.)

14. America faces what some experts are calling an “infrastructure crisis,” with crumbling roads, bridges, waterways.  What solutions do you suggest and how would you propose to pay for them?

A solution is to start reducing the Federal Regulatory agencies.
Which would automatically reduce the taxes collected in the states to pay for these regulatory programs. and you would have more money to be spent for infrastructure.

By the way, where is the money collected on Fuel Taxes going?

15. Do you believe space exploration is still important to America, and if so, what goals would you like to see achieved?

I’m not an expert in that area.
Get me some experts and let me hear what they have to say.
I will probably agree with their findings but in no way would I accept a solution to that or any other problem which would increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government to solve that or any other problem.


Why are we giving our space technology away to foreign countries????

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pulaski Citizen, Q & A

Question #1

What is your position on a shutdown of the 
federal government?   When would it be justified?

The Federal government should not be shut down.  What should happen which would prevent a shutdown.  The House of Representatives which controls all the money should reduce the size, cost, reach power of the regulatory agencies in the reverse fashion that they were increased.

This would create a budgetary surplus and keep the taxes the same.

At that point any politician who wants to spend and spend, tax and tax, elect and elect would be seen for what he is an opportunist and thrown out of office if not tarred and feathered.

When the growth of government stops problems caused by the growth of government will disappear.

Question #2
 What are the top two overriding domestic issues in the district and why?

The top two domestic issues are an attempt by local governments to comply with Federal mandates for which they have to raise matching funds.

This literally is bankrupting the communities.

For example: the Federal funds put in for Common Core require the local school districts to adopt this federal program which is morally destructive.

The local governments must tell the state government to not accept this federal money which is forcing uniform brainwashing on the population.

Question #3

What are the top two overriding foreign policy issues in your district?

The top two foreign policy issues are,

One, the gradual surrender of American sovereignty and power to international organizations.

Two, that the local communities are being forced to accept the dictates of the NEA and other international fronts to diminish our children’s love for God, Country and Family.

And in time to adopt an allegiance to the so called United Nations.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Got A Minute???? To Save Your Country???????

If I can borrow you for one minute and ask you to do a really simple thing.

This may save these United States.

I want you to go to

Put in your zip code and you will be taken to your Congressman's page.

I want you to find out how many bills that Congressman sponsored.

Then I want you to ask a question.

That question is:  Do any of these bills increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government?

Now you are seeing where we are heading.

A quote from the great poet, Mrs. J.A. Carney:

"Little drops of water

Tiny grains of sand

Make the mighty ocean

And the beauteous land."

Now for the killer.

Each little drop of water is another spending bill.

Each grain of sand is adding another rule, regulation, code, guideline, standard to an already too powerful, too centralized Federal Bureaucracy.

We are drowning in a sea of debt which has been added one drop of water at a time.

We are having our freedoms and liberties extinguished one line of legislation at a time.

Sick of it?????

Thought you should know.

How to deal with these Federal Agencies

Congressional Scams

Is Rush hiding something????

Do we have any allies??

Budgetary nightmare

The FEC is stealing your vote.

Godzilla Government

And if you have the time I really suggest you invest an hour and listen to:

Soviet Rule part 1

Soviet Rule part 2

Any other questions please visit me at

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Pledge

You know Congress is out of session.  Many of the Congresscritters will be in the district trying to stump for votes.  They have these gatherings called "Town Hall Meetings"

Now I would like you to do the following......

Say this to your Congresscritter:

"Except for the "Entitlement Programs"
Would you pledge to VOTE NO on any bill which would increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government?"

Go to a meeting and ask that question.

Now if they will not allow you to ask that question or if they will not allow any questions to be asked it's because of that question.

Thought you should know.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Are You Ready For The Ninth Inning???

OH, yeah.

Do you know what a politician really's cares about.

That is besides getting elected and reelected.

They care about keeping the game going.

As long as you are convinced that by paying your taxes and voting you can have change you are a bigger fool than I thought.

If you really want to have change we the people must draw a line in the sand.
And I guarantee you that on the other side of that line is, George Bush, Rush  Limbaugh, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and a group of the usual suspects who are getting rich by telling you lies.

If you want to get something done then you must do it yourself.

What Can I Do???

I'm Qualified:

 If you can read my rants then you are qualified to run for any legislative office.  The US House of Representatives, Your state house, your county commission and your city council.

Don’t run for County Executive, Mayor, Dog Catcher, Coroner, Recorder or Trustee.

Run for any legislative position.

I don’t care if you run as a Democrap, Republi-Con or thirdparty.

Just tell the people the truth.

“I’m going to look at these bills and if they increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government I will vote no for that reason.”

Its really a simple deal.

Why isn’t it being done???

Why aren’t you doing it??

Parasites In Politics

Let’s talk about another species.   

I call these people Political Parasites

In reality you have two kinds of this animal.

One is the kind who sends out emails asking for donations.

Groups like (Lloyd Marcus, Group to elect Conservative Senators, National Association of Gun Rights, Ron Paul hand over your hard earned cash movement) etc.

The other type of parasite is the kind who contacts Patriotic Americans who are sick of this march to a global dictatorship and offers to help my campaign if I would part with some of the money that I don’t have.

No matter how much money these people raise they are never going to get anything done.

They are fear mongers.   

Remember:::If you don’t give me 50 dollars Hillary is going to come into your house and take your guns.  You know the speil.

I’m not raising any money and Im not spending any money.

Washington DC's Most Dangerous Agency

 Why should I.

I'm not going to play the game,  "Money In Politics."

Tired of the crap.

Then lets talk about Scrap-Scrap

Another Question

How do you know if a politician is lying.

Well he if he’s moving his lips he is definitely lying.

Well how do you know if someone is telling the truth on Facebook?

Ask him this question.

“How are you going to vote on the Chattahoochee River Bill?

If the answer is in the positive then you know you have a lying, conniving, slippery, slimy, socialist politician who wants to increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government.

I have come across a lot of third party politicians who will not tie themselves down that they will work for less government.

I have asked a few Libertarians and members of the “Constitution Party” to use my verbage..

”I will vote no on any bill which would increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government.”

They won’t.   

Therefore the answer that they give me is totally unacceptable.
That answer is, “Well I’m a Libertarian.”   


If you are not going to make that statement then you are just like the idiots who are in Washington DC who have just about put this nation in slavery.

Is that what you want????

Politicians Think They Are Smart????

You know a lot of the politicians speaking at the Clarksville DAV were bragging about their advanced degrees.

After all if a politician is telling you he's smart he really means that you are stupid.

This is what they all say.

Well I got my bachelors degree from, such and such.
I then got a masters degree from such and such.
I then got another masters degree from such and such.
I hold an advanced certificate in stealing elections from Whats-a-Matta-U.

Me:  I’m just a dumb old truck driver 

I have a Bachelors of Science in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

And I will go on record that I’m a hell of a lot more honest than any one of these over educated ding bats.

I will also say that I’m a hell of a lot smarter than all of them put together.

Do you want to know why?????

Because I have the brains to look at the bills that I’m going to be voting on and ask a question that these over educated dingbats don’t have the brains to ask.

That question is “If this bill passes will it increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of the government?”


Isn't that what you would do?????

It's time to kick out all the career politicians and replace them with people who know how to think.