Thursday, May 15, 2014

Letter To The National Right To Life.

This was written on 4/27/12

Abortion, Roe vs. Wade etc.

My opinion about this matter is such.

The Roe Vs Wade decision is; a perfect example of how the Communists and pro-communists throughout this land are abusing the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

Here’s how it is done.  In the US Constitution the Supreme Court has Original jurisdiction when there is a conflict between a state government and its citizens.

This is understandable because any organ of the state is a party to the controversy.
But the constitution also says this provision is true with such exceptions as the Congress shall from time to time make. 

In Roe v Wade, The Communists and their allies have simply found a way to abuse the appellate jurisdiction of the court: a non existent pregnancy (it could have been real) was appealed by Roe who desired an abortion. Which was denied by the Supreme Court of the state of Texas?

What the communists did through their organ principally the ACLU was to appeal the state courts decision to the US Supreme Court claiming there was a genuine conflict between the state and its citizen, namely Roe. 

What American’s did not know at the time and for that matter still doesn’t know is that the issues that reach the United States Supreme Court is determined by so called law clerks.

What has been hidden from the American people since the 1940’s after a deal was made between Wendell Wilkie and Felix Frankfurter.  Was that Frankfurter who was at Harvard would select nothing but Communists and Socialists and people of that leaning and recommend them as law clerks.  That guaranteed that all the issues headed for the court would be filtered by this Communist screen and pro-American issues could never get through.  Only the Communist, Socialist and leftist appeals would go through

This guaranteed that these pro-communist issues would reach the court and would be treated favorably because the last pro-American chief justice,  Fred Vinson had in my opinion been assassinated because he would not allow a pro-communist appeal namely Brown vs. Board of Education to come before the court.

[With respect to Fred Vinson, he was known to be a prolific writer about any decision which came before that desk he had any part in.  Brown vs. Board of Education had been in his hands for some time.  Yet when he died, not a single sentence could be found indicating how he felt about Brown vs. Board of Education…His opinions if any vanished just the way James Forestals diaries vanished]

His replacement Earl Warren was known to be absolutely 100 percent pro-communist.

Hence Brown vs. Board of Education hence in the same manor Roe vs. Wade.

It was the abuse of the appellate jurisdiction of the court which stripped the states of their 10th amendment rights in the areas of abortion and any attempt which does not restore that 10th amendment right is doomed to failure because there is no way to get it to the court.

I applaud your  efforts  and hope that you will  give some consideration to putting in Congressmen who will strip the funding away from the leftist advocacy groups and Non-Governmental Organization’s who are promoting abortion and many other ills.

If this is done the power of the left which is almost totally funded by our tax dollars by way of these NGO’s will disappear.  The fight will become one sided in our favor. 

The issues listed in your letter are all to be determined by individual state governments according to the legislative processes of those individual states.

In some states abortion will be totally prohibited.  In other states it will be abortion on demand.  But that is the right of the citizens of those states to make those decisions and to alter and change those decisions as they see fit.  Hopefully your agenda will prevail in most of the states.

I support you.

Leonard D. (Lenny) Ladner

PS I would welcome your comments on this letter.  If you wish you can post it on your website or blog.

These are my honest thoughts, and I am not a panderer.

PPS Scrap, Scrap

If a bill would increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of government Scrap it, we have too much government.


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