Thursday, May 15, 2014

On The Issues-Abortion


More government and higher taxes to promote infanticide, (killing of the unborn).

This violates the 4 5 7 and 10 th amendments.

Solution is threefold.

One cutoff all taxpayer monies that fund public abortions under HHS.

Two cut off all taxpayer monies to NGO’s(link to ngo video)) that advocate this practice.
(and as far as I'm concerned cut off all the money to all the NGO's)

Three have the Supreme Court review Roe vs. Wade, (by the way Roe wasn’t even pregnant but she used the misuse of the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and the ACLU to screw things up for us.

Use the Tenth Amendment, (link 10 th amendment))

Have it go back to the individual states and let the citizens of those states, through their representatives decide what the states policy will be on abortion.

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My motto is:

Increasing liberty through decreasing government.

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