Wednesday, October 31, 2018

You Have Got To Be Kidding

According to News Channel 5's article, 

“Middle Tennessee to send new faces to Congress”

Dr. Mark Green has raised 2.2 million dollars of which he has

loaned his campaign $800,000.

Dr. Green, at what rate of interest are you paying for that money?

It seems that Justin Kanew has raised over $400,000.

He says that all of it has been raised in Tennessee.

I wonder how much of that $400,000 came from George Soros?????

Now your honorable correspondent (ME) not only isn't raising any

money but I'm not spending any.

After all why would any normal individual spend hundreds of

thousands (or millions) of dollars for

an election to a job which pays under $200,000.??

Link to “Money in Politics.”

Not only am I the only candidate who will tell you how

I'm going to vote on each and every bill.

But why.

I'm going to judge each bill by the following question….

If this bill passes will it increase the size, cost, reach 

or power of the government??

Now if any of those conditions are met then

I will VOTE NO on that bill.

We have too much government now.

Now I'm also the only candidate who wants to eliminate the 

Federal Elections Commission forthwith. 

The Federal Elections Commission is designed to keep ordinary 

people like yourself from running for office.

Link to Washington DC's most dangerous bureaucracy.

Now where does Dr. Green and Mr. Kanew stand making

these elections honest????

You know where I stand.

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