Sunday, October 14, 2018

Press Release 9-12-18

Lenny Ladner independent candidate for Congress in the 

Seventh District of Tennessee,said today he is the 

only 100% pro gun candidate for congress in the race.

Ladner added I am 100% pro gun. 

The Constitution was written in pen not pencil, 
the founders wanted our citizens to be armed. 

When it comes to the Second Amendment I take an 

absolute position while one of my opponents favors 

total gun control and the other favors only limited 

gun rights.

When it comes to the Bill of Rights I take a position

of absolute rights for all lawful citizens.

Compromise is a terrible word when it comes to the 

Bill Of Rights. Our forefathers wanted these rights 

secured forever not to be changed during a 

hysterical crisis.

Our constitutional rights are not up for discussion every 

election cycle, Ladner added.

Ladner an independent trucker, is the only limited 

government candidate in the race for the 

Seventh Congressional district.

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