Sunday, October 14, 2018

Press Release 10-4-18

Lenny Ladner Independent candidate 

for Congress in Tennessees 

Seventh District called on his 

opponents to state their positions 

on limited government.

Ladner added, I have a Republican 

opponent that believes in 

big government and a Democrat 

opponent that also believes in

big government.

Ladner a self employed trucker, said, 

As the only candidate in this race 
that has taken the ultimate pledge

to vote against any piece of legislation 

that will increase the size, cost, reach and 

power of the government.

While my opponents call for more government, 

neither has any regard for the hard working 

people of Seventh Congressional District.

The only way to drain the swamp in 

Washington DC is by sending people to serve 

that will not play politics.

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