Monday, October 22, 2018

Press Release 10-22-18

Lenny Ladner independent candidate for 

Congress in the Seventh Congressional district of 

Tennessee called on his opponents to talk about 

real issues and leave out the smoke screens.

Ladner said the main duty of a Congressman is to 

honor his oath of office to protect and defend the 

Constitution of these United States from all 

enemies foreign and domestic. 

My two main opponents have told the voters of the 

seventh district everything except what 

they will do if elected. 

Ladner added one my opponents thinks he is 

qualified to serve based on the fact he has 

produced Hollywood movies. 

The other thinks he is qualified because he had a 

chance to take Saddam Hussein's blood pressure.

The sad truth is this they refuse to tell the citizens 

how they will act if elected.

Ladner said my platform is very simple I will honor 

my oath of office and I will judge each bill with 

a question.

If this bill passes will it increase the size, cost,

reach and power of the government?

If any of those conditions are met.  

I will vote NO!

Ladner a self employed trucker from Hohenwald 

has been an out spoken critic of politics as usual.

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