Sunday, October 14, 2018

Press Release 9-9-18

Lenny Ladner, Candidate for U S Congress 

in the Seventh Congressional District of

Tennessee, issued a platform statement calling 

for an end to big government spending.

Ladner a self employed Trucker said, 

"he would "vote" against any bills that would

increase the size, cost, reach and power of 

the government".

Ladner added he would like to know 

where his Democrat and Republican opponents 

stand on the subject.

Big government is the most paramount issue 

in this campaign.

Ladner a Hohenwald resident said he would 

like to debate his opponents so their real views

on the issue would be known. 

Ladner added that the voters of the Seventh 

Congressional District have a right to know 

where the candidates stand. 

This race should be decided on the issues, 

not personalities.

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