Saturday, October 27, 2018

Press Release 10-26-18

Lenny Ladner independent candidate for Congress

in Tennessee's Seventh District said today that 

both of his opponents are rubber stamps for their 


Ladner said both of my opponents will answer 

to their parties and not to the citizens of the 

Seventh Congressional District.

They will vote the party line and ignore the citizens 

of our district, I will not be a rubber stamp for 

anyone, party,special interest group or 

labor unions.

Ladner added as the only candidate in this 

race to tell the citizens how I will vote on any 

legislation. My opponents lack the courage to

level with the voters, both will say or do 

anything for a vote, that is what I call cheap 

politics and anything for a vote.

Ladner an independent trucker has pledged 

to vote against any bill that would increase 

the size, cost, reach and power of the government.

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