Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Press Release 10-17-18

Lenny Ladner independent candidate for Congress in 

Tennessee 7th Congressional district, 

today calls for a Freedom Wave on 

November 6 general election.

Ladner said, one of my opponents wants a red wave, 

the other a blue wave, one does not understands the 

real purpose of our government, 

I want a Freedom Wave, freedom from big government,

freedom from high taxes and freedom from regulations,

I want a government small enough to fit inside the 


Ladner added, as the only candidate in this race 

with the courage to tell the people how I will vote 

when I get to Congress,

I will judge every bill with a question,

if this bill passes will it increase the size, cost reach

and power of the government?

If any of those conditions are met then 

I will vote no on that bill.

All of my opponents refuse to talk about real problems

because they represent special interests, 

like the Chamber of Commerce and Hollywood.

Ladner an independent trucker, has been the only 

candidate in the race speaking up for 

the average citizens of district 7.

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