Sunday, October 14, 2018

Press Release 9-18-18

I'm in favor of burning this flag.

Lenny Ladner independent candidate for Congress

in the Seventh District of Tennessee today called 

for the United States to withdraw from the 

United Nations and for the United Nations to be 

removed from U.S. soil.

The goal of the United Nations is 

world government.

Ladner stated our membership has cost us nothing

but money lives and a surrender of our republic. 

I would like to know where my opponents stand on 

the issue of the United Nations Agenda 21. 

Which would place the republic of the 

United States under the direct control of the 

United Nations.

It would be a total surrender of our Bill of Rights 

to the concept of World Government.

Ladner an independent truck driver has been the 

only candidate in the race for congress to be 

addressing real issues instead of political 

double talk.

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