Monday, July 21, 2014

Parasites In Politics

Let’s talk about another species.   

I call these people Political Parasites

In reality you have two kinds of this animal.

One is the kind who sends out emails asking for donations.

Groups like (Lloyd Marcus, Group to elect Conservative Senators, National Association of Gun Rights, Ron Paul hand over your hard earned cash movement) etc.

The other type of parasite is the kind who contacts Patriotic Americans who are sick of this march to a global dictatorship and offers to help my campaign if I would part with some of the money that I don’t have.

No matter how much money these people raise they are never going to get anything done.

They are fear mongers.   

Remember:::If you don’t give me 50 dollars Hillary is going to come into your house and take your guns.  You know the speil.

I’m not raising any money and Im not spending any money.

Washington DC's Most Dangerous Agency

 Why should I.

I'm not going to play the game,  "Money In Politics."

Tired of the crap.

Then lets talk about Scrap-Scrap

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