Monday, October 27, 2014

I Only Got An A.??????

Back in July I filled out a survey for Gun Owners ofAmerica.

(If you want an original copy of the survey as a PDF email me and I’ll send it to you)

They just published the ratings on their website today.
Here is the link....

I only got an A and I’m mighty disappointed.

I got the same grade as my opponent, Marcia Blackthorn (who is a thorn on the tree of liberty.) 

If she gets the same rating as me something is really wrong.

It seems that Gun Owners of America will give an A plus only to someone who will sponsor legislation.

OK.  Well let me tell you what happens when you introduce legislation.

One the opposition who is being paid by the Collectivist Elitist Scum, Eastern Establishment British Internationalist Banking Class can amend your legislation.

And after it’s amended to death it says the  opposite what you wanted to do.

Ask former Idaho Senator Larry Craig what the Gun Grabbers in the Senate did to his pro Second Amendment bill.

What makes Gun Owners think a piece of legislation can make it out of committee?
What makes them think it can make it through a floor vote?
What makes them think it will be taken up by the Senate?

Gee what ever happened to Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed Bill?”
The Senate wouldn’t hear it.

Oh, even if it passes the Senate, what makes you think that the future PRESENT IDIOT
(President) will sign it.

Now the way to restore the Second Amendment is three fold.

One, not allow one piece of Anti-Second Amendment legislation to get out of subcommittees or committees.
Two, use the power of the budget to eventually eliminate any agency whose job it is to regulate firearms.

Three, (And Larry Pratt of Gun Owners knows about this.)

Have a Congressman (like that little troublemaker from Tennessee (ME)) put a rider on each and every piece of legislation.  That rider would say, “Congress votes to strip the Supreme Court’s appellate jurisdiction on any matter concerning firearms, ammunition, the people’s right to own firearms etc.”

The left is using the state legislatures to pass more gun control laws and the state courts are upholding them.  The next step is for the Normal Pro Gun Crowd to go to the Federal Courts.

If you think we are going to get a fair shake on the Federal level I have a bridge to sell you.

We must stop these cases from going to the Supreme Court or we will have no Second Amendment very soon.

Anyway I still got an A but I feel I deserve better.

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