Sunday, September 14, 2014

Got A Minute???? To Save Your Country???????

If I can borrow you for one minute and ask you to do a really simple thing.

This may save these United States.

I want you to go to

Put in your zip code and you will be taken to your Congressman's page.

I want you to find out how many bills that Congressman sponsored.

Then I want you to ask a question.

That question is:  Do any of these bills increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government?

Now you are seeing where we are heading.

A quote from the great poet, Mrs. J.A. Carney:

"Little drops of water

Tiny grains of sand

Make the mighty ocean

And the beauteous land."

Now for the killer.

Each little drop of water is another spending bill.

Each grain of sand is adding another rule, regulation, code, guideline, standard to an already too powerful, too centralized Federal Bureaucracy.

We are drowning in a sea of debt which has been added one drop of water at a time.

We are having our freedoms and liberties extinguished one line of legislation at a time.

Sick of it?????

Thought you should know.

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Is Rush hiding something????

Do we have any allies??

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The FEC is stealing your vote.

Godzilla Government

And if you have the time I really suggest you invest an hour and listen to:

Soviet Rule part 1

Soviet Rule part 2

Any other questions please visit me at

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