Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pulaski Citizen, Q & A

Question #1

What is your position on a shutdown of the 
federal government?   When would it be justified?

The Federal government should not be shut down.  What should happen which would prevent a shutdown.  The House of Representatives which controls all the money should reduce the size, cost, reach power of the regulatory agencies in the reverse fashion that they were increased.

This would create a budgetary surplus and keep the taxes the same.

At that point any politician who wants to spend and spend, tax and tax, elect and elect would be seen for what he is an opportunist and thrown out of office if not tarred and feathered.

When the growth of government stops problems caused by the growth of government will disappear.

Question #2
 What are the top two overriding domestic issues in the district and why?

The top two domestic issues are an attempt by local governments to comply with Federal mandates for which they have to raise matching funds.

This literally is bankrupting the communities.

For example: the Federal funds put in for Common Core require the local school districts to adopt this federal program which is morally destructive.

The local governments must tell the state government to not accept this federal money which is forcing uniform brainwashing on the population.

Question #3

What are the top two overriding foreign policy issues in your district?

The top two foreign policy issues are,

One, the gradual surrender of American sovereignty and power to international organizations.

Two, that the local communities are being forced to accept the dictates of the NEA and other international fronts to diminish our children’s love for God, Country and Family.

And in time to adopt an allegiance to the so called United Nations.

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