Friday, October 24, 2014

Hey Salvatore!!! We Have An Election

My reaction to the upcoming election.

You know in Tennessee you have more signs on "Yes On One" than you have for all the political hacks combined.

Do you know why there aren't any signs for your local Congresscritter????

Because the "Powers To Be" don't want you to know that there is an election for Congress.
They also don't want you to know who your Congressman is.  
This way you can't ask him the following question.

That is:

"Mr. Congressman, I understand we have a lot of problems in these United States.
Why are you always proposing a one size fits all solution to these problems?
Why are you always advocating some sort of an increase in the size, cost, extending the reach or power of government as a solution to these problems.  Don't you realize we have too much government already!"

Any questions????

How To Win

A Question?

Another Con-Game

Take Some Action

Did We Have An Election?????

To find out who you your Congressman is please go to

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