Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Democrat, Republican or AMERICAN

Well what is a Democrat?
Let’s look up the standard definition.
According to Wikipedia a Democrat is
“A proponent of democracy,
A member of a Democratic Party;”

A Democrat is also somebody who is not a Republican.

What is a Republican?

Let’s look up the standard definition.
According to Wikipedia a Republican is
An advocate of a republic, a form of government that is not a monarchy or dictatorship, and is generally associated with the rule of law “
Or a member of a Republican Party,
A Republican is also somebody who is not a Democrat.

The people who run as Democrats believe in supporting the Democratic Party.
The Democratic party through the Democratic National Committee tells them how to vote on various issues.

The people who run as Republicans believe in supporting the Republican Party.
The Republican  party through the Republican National Committee tells them how to vote on various issues.
(So in reality these politicians can’t think for themselves.  Somebody is doing their thinking for them.)

Well if you have noticed there really is no difference in these parties.
Bi-partian foreign policy.
Bi-partisan monetary policy.
Bi-partisan domestic policy.
Bi-partisan destroy the US Constitution and US Bill of Rights policy.
I’ll call it as I sees it….BI-PARTISAN TREASON.

Both the Democrats, excuse me the Demo-craps and the Republicans, I mean the Republi-cons want to increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of the government in their own fashion.

Both parties fight for the right to run an already too big, too centralized government.
Both parties will tell you that they are more qualified to run a dictatorship more efficiently.
Both of these parties are playing a little game at your expense called, Less Is More."

Its Tweedle-DUMB and Tweedle-DEE.

Tweedle-DUMB proposes an increase in the EPA budget for 50 Billion dollars.

Tweedle-DEE denounces it as being too much and says that it should be 20 Billion dollars.

They resolve their differences and the increase is 35 Billion dollars.

This was the agreed upon figure before any debate started.

And this stratagem was understood by both parties before any proposal was made:

In George Orwell’s language this is the accomplishment of expanding government behind the phrase, “Less Is More”: LESS IS MORE!!!

The Democrats propose a large increase in a program.
The Republicans fight it and propose a smaller increase.
At the end of the day you have less of an increase than what was proposed but you have more government than you had before.
How do you like those rotten apples, Mr. & Mrs. America?????

What are American’s????
Ordinary people who want to be left alone.  Have the government off their back and out of their pockets and not be worried about their jobs, property, or their economy.
They want the government OUT and I represent Americans who want less government.
You stop the growth of government and you roll it back in the reverse fashion it was expanded.  That’s what I will do.

That’s the Democrat, Republicans Americans.  I choose to be associated with Americans.

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