Thursday, May 10, 2012

Who Is Thomas J. Rooney????


Are laws making it a crime to deface a political poster.
an increase in the size, cost, extending the reach and power of the government?

Are the laws against stalking an increase in the size, cost, extending the reach and power of the government?

Are laws making peaceful assembly illegal increase in the size, cost, extending the reach and power of the government?

You Betcha.

As a matter of fact what you may want to do is to write this letter to the statist Congressman Thomas J. Rooney about his bill HR. 347.  You can read this poison for yourself.

Representative Thomas J. Rooney
1529 House Office Building
Washington, DC.   20515

Dear Mr. Rooney:

Does that bill that you introduced  HR 347 increase the size, cost; extend the reach and power of the government????

I want to know.

And I would like for you to tell me what bills that were passed in Congress last year don’t increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of the government.

So basically with you introducing this bill you are participating in a conspiracy to destroy the freedoms and liberties of the people of these United States.

Basically you are doing this on orders from your political bosses as a way to get elected and reelected. 

That’s all you are doing.  This is just like what happened in Hitler’s Germany.

The people who participated in the conspiracy to get Hitler elected got taken out very quickly after Adolph was put into power.

Look at what happened to Ernst Rohm; look at what happened to the Jews who wanted to fix Germany.

The same thing happened to the people in Russia who participated in the conspiracy against the Czar.  After Lenin and Trotsky took over all those communists who were parading in the streets were killed on orders from Trotsky.

You better wake up, Mr. Rooney.


Send this letter to Rep. Rooney and I guarantee it will do more damage to this conspiracy than 100 tea parties  (tea party video)

Another side bar.

Get this point and maybe you will see what needs to be seen.

The whole idea is to have “Occupy Wall St” become a nuisance.

Stir things up.

Then get the whore’s in Congress to pass this Anti-Trespass law in reaction to what people are doing in the street.

They created the problem
They offered the solution….


Where is the ACLU on this issue????
What about the clowns running as Republi-con's against Rooney in the Primaries?
What about the hand picked stooge who is running as a Democrap in the Election?
What about the Tea-Party group?

Their Silence is consent.

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