Thursday, May 10, 2012

Did Leon Panetta Commit Treason?

Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense

"The armed forces have to have allegiance to the United Nations."

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta made this comment in front of the US Senate a few weeks ago.

I thought our armed forces have taken an oath to the US Constitution?
I thought the Secretary of Defense (we used to have a Secretary of War and believe you me they did a hell of a lot less damage) took an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution????

First of all before we start to talk about Mr. Panetta’s crime, which in my opinion is TREASON.

You can’t take an oath to the Constitution and support the UN Charter.  They aren’t compatible.  You can’t take an oath to a foreign government.

But all of these politicians have.

Now what you need to know about Mr. Panetta is
1            He was in Congress for a long time, 
           Too long if you asked me.
2            He was the head of a lot of committees.
What you have to know about Congress is that all of these clowns, with the exception of Ron Paul, have committed crimes. 

Now we will never know what crimes they have committed but the collectivist elitist establishment of which Mr. Panetta is part of does know what crimes these clowns have committed.

Now the reason that Senator Jefferson Sessions from Alabama did not react to the statement by Mr. Panetta that the US armed forces have an allegiance to the UN and ask Mr. Panetta to resign is that Mr. Panetta knows each and every crime that Jefferson Sessions and others like him have committed.

Our unelected rulers, you know the collectivist elitist know every crime each and every member of Congress has committed.

Let’s take the debate on the Panama Canal.

Senator Byrd from WV came out against giving the canal back.
Several days later he was on TV and was as white as a ghost.
He agreed that the canal should be given back.

Now all of these members of Congress are being blackmailed.

And it’s time for someone to put these United States first and the hell with his political career.  One member of Congress can break this thing wide open.

Now with the Panetta thing you realize why you have these hearings and nothing ever gets done!

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