Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memoriam????

Happy Memorial Day Y’all

And let’s remember all of the veterans.
And my heart goes out to the families of veterans who are missing in action

The ones who did not come back from Vietnam.
They didn’t come back from Vietnam not because they wanted to stay there.
They are still there because of treason in the highest levels of our government.

I find it really really interesting that the “MIA POW” merchandise is made in China or Vietnam.


Because the same group of traitors who sold our best and brightest into Communist Slavery have sold our factories to the same group of Communist Countries.

While we were fighting for "Freedom” in Vietnam, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger were selling grain to the Soviet Union.  Oh, they were using our tax dollars to pay for the grain sales.  Kind of a seller financed deal.  We were fighting Communists in Vietnam and feeding the Communists in Europe. 

Such a deal.

Each and every President of these United States, since Richard Nixon.
Each and every Secretary of State, since Henry Kissinger.
Each and every Head of the Joint Chief’s of Staff.
Each and every head of the CIA, NSA and other police state spook agencies have kept it quiet that our government has sold out our soldiers.   
They looked the other way when it came to our men who were Missing in Action.


Both parties had no problem with this sellout of our Missing in Action.
Both parties have had no problem with selling our industrial capacity to this same enemy.
Both parties have had no problem increasing the size, cost, extending the reach and power of government.
Both parties will have no problem putting citizens of these United States into a prison camp called Agenda 21.

I hope you are as angry as I am.

It’s time to replace each and every member of the House of Representatives with an ordinary person who is committed to voting NO on any increase in the size, cost, reach and power of government and cutting back the government in the reverse fashion that it was expanded.

I hope you want to do something.  You might as well look over here!


Saturday I passed a place off I90 in Beloit, WI.  called Southeastern Containers.

They had a big banner, "MIA-POW, we will never forget."

Well I’ll tell you what.  Since you will never forget it’s time to tell the youth about the treason in the highest places of our government.  It's time to name names and not let their treason in this matter go unpunished.

How about going after each and every politician, & bureaucrat who has covered up the MIA scandals.  Most of them are still alive.

Thought you should know.

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