Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keeping the pricks in line: Through Bribery and blackmail.

More on the Panetta thing.

When I made the comment that all of these clowns have committed crimes.
All of these guys are under some kind of bribery or blackmail.

(For bribery see money and politics  link to money and politics)

Now we don’t know who’s calling the shots on the Democrats but someone is like one of the party bosses, you know a “Steny Hoyer” type.

Or on the Republicans.

(( Now I don’t know who the leader of the Republicans is.   But I'm sure it's some amoral 
opportunists who is happy fulfilling his appetites and ambitions.))

But they are taking orders.  From whom I don’t know.

These leaders know all of the crimes these clowns have committed

I’ll give you an example.

In 1977 the Senate was debating the treaty to return the Panama Canal treaty.
They wanted to return a piece of property that belonged to We The People.

We paid for the land.
We dug the canal.
We gave Panama rent each and every year the canal was open.
We put a lot of money into their economy.
And Jimmy Carter and the rest of the Collectivist Elitists decided that they were going to give it away.

Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia.  You know a so called “Constitutionalist…”

Who may have paraded around as a member of the "Youngstown, sheet and tube band"?

Senator Byrd was on TV and said that he was opposed to giving up the canal.

According to my friend Charlie Smith (link to Smartest man I know)

A few days later Senator Byrd went on TV.  He looked like he saw a ghost.
It was probably a lot worse than a ghost but Senator Byrd was probably spoken to by someone who knew what crimes he had committed.  So Senator Byrd went on TV and told We The People that he had decided to change his vote and give back the Panama Canal.

Now if you think that Senator Byrd’s membership in the "Youngstown, sheet and tube band", (KKK) bothers people in West Virginia you are looking at the wrong end of the rifle.

What else did Senator Byrd do that he can be blackmailed like that???????

We don’t know but the Collectivist Elitist Establishment does….

Another good example would be Senator Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan.
The good senator was opposed to Roosevelt’s internationalism.
Well it seems around the late 1930’s a staunch isolationist became a proponent of a bi-partisan internationalist foreign policy.  Roosevelt and his friends had some shit on the good senator.

I guess he was doing a lot of playing around.

Imagine if we had a member of Congress who would be willing to expose the blackmail and tell others who are under the gun to come forward.  The attitude must be that this country has to be saved and the hell with getting reelected and ones reputation.

If we had someone who would step forward the blackmail would stop in a hurry.

Then the trials for treason would start in a hurry.

Oh, a blast from the past on our esteemed Secretary of Defense.

According to Jack McManus’s book “Financial Terrorism.”

Leon Panetta tried to sue T.R.I.M. because it exposed his record as a big spending congressman in the 1970’s

From “Financial Terrorism” by John F. McManus page 218

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