Monday, July 21, 2014

Pandering Politicians

You know I really hate panderer’s.

When I attended the DAV political forum a few weeks ago.
Each and every politician thanked the veterans for their service defending our freedoms.

Now the definition of freedom can be found here. 

Freedom is  the opposite of slavery.

The definition of slavery can be found here.

Now about our brave soldiers.  

Who were they defending our freedom against?
Were we in ever in danger of being enslaved by another country?

In reality since 1946 we have been in never ending staged managed wars that were directed by the United Natons.

The goals of these wars was not to have our military win them but to end these wars with a negotiated settlement which would give more power to the United Nations.

Now in reality these pandering politicians know that they are putting US in slavery.
One line of legislation at a time.  

They know damn well that their support of more government as a solution to our problems has taken away our liberty, one line of legislation at a time.

You know, that's a pretty neat trick.

Thought you should know.

What you should also know is you have a little old troublemaker, me running for Congress in Tennessee's 7th District.

If I'm elected I will VOTE NO on any bill that will increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government.  We have too much government.

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