Monday, July 21, 2014

Is Your Primary Fixed?

Now there is a little FIXED race in Tennessee’s Fourth congressional district.

You have an incumbent, Scott Des Jarlais

Scotty is a two term Congressman.  In the beginning of his first term he represented Lewis County, where I live.  By sheer coincidence I got to meet his father in law at Franklin Minerals in Anderson, TN which is on the bottom of Monteagle on TN 56.

Scott’s father in law and I exchanged pleasantries and I told him that I want his son in law to look at these bills and VOTE NO on any bill which would increase the size, cost, extend the reach or power of government.  He said that not only would he be happy to relay the message but email him anything of interest and Scott would get it.

Well Congressman Desjarlais actually voted that way on one bill.

That was the first vote he had in 2011.  The bill was to increase the pay for Congress critters starting in 2013.  HE VOTED WITH THE DEMOCRATS AND THE VOTE WAS NO!

It seems that a high mucky muck from the Republi-Con party tapped him on the shoulder and told him that if he goes against the party again they would arrange a challenger against him in the primaries.

Now guess who is running against our friend Scott.?

A slippery, slimy, scummy, treasonous politician whose behavior could border on sedition.

Jim Tracy who is a handpicked stooge put up by the Tennessee Republi-Con Party’s leadership. This leadership only supports Republi-con's who they can control.  I guess they figured out in 2010 that I could not be (and would not be) controlled.

And I will never forget it. 

Anyway...My first question to this stooge is how did you raise 1.4 million dollars?
Who do you owe favors to?   
What kind of deals have you made?

Now something else has happened.  You have two other challengers who both sound good but in my opinion are there to take votes away from DesJarlais.  After all politics is a really dirty business, isn't it???

Now if I had to support a candidate in this race it would be the Independent, Dr. Robert Doggett.   

I don’t think he would make any backroom deals and then stab the US Bill of Rights in the back.

If you live in Tennessee's Seventh District and want a Patriot instead of a politician give me a look.


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