Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Solution to Illegal Immigration

How to solve the problem.

First you have the House of Representatives cut off all taxpayer money to all of these Non-Governmental Organizations.  A Non-Governmental Organizations is a group that advocates something.

Like taking away your country, your liberties and your freedoms.

You have a bunch of these Non-Governmental Organizations that are advocating more immigration and more and special privileges for certain types of immigrants.

Then you cut off the money in Congress that funds the special privileges like low interest loans, grants and the rest of the nonsense that these immigrants get.

More on Illegal Immigration.

If the local authorities in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were allowed to do their jobs 20 and 30 years ago you wouldn’t have the problem of Mexican illegal crossing out borders.

Now who took the power away from the local authorities?????  Our esteemed (Corrupt) master’s in Washington DC.  They created the problem of illegal coming in from Mexico and they now offer a solution.  That solution is in the form of a border fence, after all a fence can keep people OUT but can be used to keep people IN and a national ID card.

Their solution is a giant prison in these United States.  And of course they will control it.

How do you like it now???

What is your reaction to this?

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