Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Illegal Immigration, Problem & Solution

Before you even look at “Illegal Immigration.”

You have to ask yourself a question.  Why are we looking at all the illegal immigrants from Mexico?  What about the illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe, East Africa, Asia, Central Asia, you know Hindu’s and Moslem’s.

Ask yourself a question.  Who is bringing them in and why?????

The who is the United Nations They are forcing these people down our throats.

The why is to create ethnic ghettos in these United States.
These people have no intention of assimilating and becoming US citizens.

So what you are going to have is a Hindu ghetto over here.
A Moslem ghetto over there
An East African ghetto over there.

The whole idea is to get these people in here who are going to keep living in this country the way they have been living in their country. 
They will challenge our laws, our traditions and use the court system to get their way.

Now another thing is that you have certain members of the House of Representatives that are in these areas.  They are not only welcoming these immigrants but they are getting money from the community leaders so that they can sponsor legislation that is beneficial to that community.  In other words you have an amendment to a defense bill that gives special privileges, low interest loans, grants to a certain community of immigrants.

That is your money that is being given away.  How do you like those apples???

Another thing that is extremely frightening is that a lot of these newly naturalized citizens
Who are getting involved in the political process.
Now start looking at some of them and I don’t like what you are going to see.

One that I want to pick on (and I’m Jewish so I can get away with this)
Take a look at what that little Nazi-Socialist gun grabbing individual who is Mayor of Chicago has to say about our country, our Constitution, our rights.

As far as I’m concerned he and his brother, who wrote some of “Obamacare” need to be deported as undesirables.   

Another benefit to our would be prison wardens is that illegal immigration creates problems. 

They are ready to solve these problems with more devices of government control.  What do you think a National ID Card is for?  It controls you and protects them.
After so much media attention on Illegal Immigration the sheep will accept whatever measure Schumer and others like him will propose.

I would appreciate your input on this.

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