Monday, June 4, 2012

The Second Amendment

The Purpose Of The Second Amendment

Why was the Second Amendment put into the Constitution?
So that we could protect ourselves from the government!
Other measures to protect US from the government were:

1)                  The fedgov could have no army in peacetime.
2)                  Fedgov could not quarter troops in our houses
3)                  Fedgov could send troops into a state only with the consent of the state government or during an insurrection.
Without an army how could the federal government defend the country against invasion and war?
By calling out the militia:  Each state had an organized militia under the control of the state government (the officers were trained by the federal government).
What was to prevent the state government from using the militia against its own citizens?
    To regulate that is to control the militia the Founder’s said “Arm the entire population”
THAT is the Second Amendment.

In the “Federalist Papers” the founders asserted that the combined militias of the states would be stronger than any force the Federal Government could raise, and by the same reasoning an armed population would be stronger than any militia a State Government could use against its citizens.
The Second Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting, sportsmanship or target shooting:
The claim that it does has been made by people who want to exclude the ordinary citizens.
(Who are not hunters, sportsmen or target shooters) from the debate.
This allows those promoters to agree to a series of compromises which over time will disarm the people and leave US at the mercy of the government.

If you are a gun owner in America.
Vote for Leonard “ Lenny” Ladner for United States House of Representatives, 7th District, TN.


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