Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Open Letter to the LIBERTARIANS

This is my answer to all of your questions.


In your terms and the way you phrase the questions, the solution to our problem is in the House of Representatives

In the US Constitution only the House of Representatives can spend money, and raise revenues

Only the House. Not the Court, not the President can spend money.

Therefore the solution to our problem our economic problems, foreign policy problems, domestic problems, privacy problems etc.   is first to have the members of the House of Representatives at this time  to VOTE NO on increasing the spending for any and all regulatory agencies.

(For the time being excluding the entitlement programs which can be dealt with later)

Each member of the house will serve on dozens of appropriation committees.

What each member needs to do is to ask a question about every funding bill which comes before it.  ::: 

“If we pass this bill will it increase the size, cost, reach or power of the regulatory agencies?”

If the House would reject all such bills the growth of government would come to a screeching halt and in a very short time the budget would be balanced and we wouldn’t be talking about these problems.

Each and every question you are asking me is based on a continuation of the current spending practices of the House of Representatives.  And the problems cannot be solved unless the practices of increasing the budgets of every regulatory agency come to a halt.  And then start cutting those budgets.  This will reverse the process and solve the problem.

Because taxes will remain the same and we will run a budget surplus and that surplus would be used to get rid of this national debt over a period of time.

Stop the growth of government and roll it back in the reverse fashion it was expanded.

Leave the taxes exactly where they are today, cut government’s size, cost, reach and power.  Use the extra money to pay down the debt.  The dollar strengthens, regulations are relaxed and you have explosive growth in the private sector in the economy.

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