Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Marcia Flops Again

It seems Marcia Blackburn is waking up.

She has recently written a report called “Not on My Watch.”

The article can be viewed here.

She is upset that the TSA has hired drug dealers, pedophiles, child molesters and she wants to fix the hiring practices at TSA.

What a crock!

What she is doing my fellow Americans is trying to keep the debate on the various TSA scandals inside the box.  She wants to reform TSA.  She wants to do what is safe and have the Republican Party support her so she can get reelected.  (Please read "Money In Politics.")

I have a better idea.  Let’s eliminate TSA and the rest of the Federal Government's Police State.

Marcia’s record is that she voted to extend the Patriot Act which allows for Homeland security agency and its little bastard brother TSA.

She has voted to increase the debt ceiling which puts WE THE PEOPLE further into debt.

She has voted for MDAA, which can possibly put American citizens behind bars with out a trial or hearing.

She also supported HR 347

Marcia.  You voted for a police state. 
Learn how to live with it.

Oh, by the way I hope one of those TSA employees make your life miserable the next time
you fly.   
You have got to learn how to live like the rest of US.
You know the people who you are putting in prison.

To get out of this prison we need to cut the size, cost, extent of reach and power of government on all levels.

What is your reaction to this article?

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