Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Less Is More!!!!!

Another weapon in the arsenal of liberty. This message on my truck. I hope you like it.

"Less Is More" is another con game that is being perpetuated on the citizens of these United States.

Its Tweedle-DUMB and Tweedle-DEE.

Tweedle-DUMB proposes an increase in the EPA budget for 50 Billion dollars.
Tweedle-DEE denounces it as being too much and says that it should be 20 Billion dollars.

They resolve their differences and the increase is 35 Billion dollars.

This was the agreed upon figure before any debate started.
And this stratagem was understood by both parties before any proposal was made:

In George Orwell’s language this is the accomplishment of expanding government behind the phrase, “Less Is More”:: LESS IS MORE!!!

This strategy is always used on every bill to increase the size, cost, reach and power of the bureaucracy.

Decreasing The Increase another part of the concept of Less Is More.

Less is More

The solution to this and other problems is to have the House of Representatives cut the funding for the government in the reverse fashion that it was expanded.

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