Sunday, February 5, 2012


You know everyone is petrified of the Moslems.
Well ask yourself a few questions.
Who is bringing them in?
Who is paying for them?
What about all these mouthpieces who are warning US
about the dangers of Islam to our beloved United States?
How much money are they making in the process?

Don't you feel like a sucker?????

The best strategy in dealing with this problem is to have the House of Representatives
cut off the money.

The famous Samuel Duck letter.

Yes I fear Islam
But I fear the governments proposals to deal with it more.
I fear their solutions in the form of more legislation and court decisions are designed to strip from us whatever liberty and freedoms we Americans have left.
More Islam More Terrorism. Their solutions are more Government. More Programs, More Employees, Higher Costs, More rules and regulations and eventually you have total government.
Total government becomes totalitarian and they you are left with a Communist Dictatorship


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