Sunday, February 12, 2012

How To Deal With A Lunatic

I heard about Mr. Sarti's plight the other day.

Do you think Mr. Sarti is crazy????

Judge for yourself.

My suggestion to Mr. Sarti is to sue Dr. Andre C. Olivier for at least 100 million dollars.

This suit will be for defamation of character.

After he finds an attorney to represent him he needs to call a public press conference to announce the law suit. He should invite any and all members of the media.

At this press conference Mr. Sarti needs to bring up the McNaughton rule

The McNaughton essentially allows these pricks to grab you and throw you in a mental institution. No trial is needed.

Gee what ever happened to the Bill of Rights??????

Where is the American Civil Liberties Union??????

The ACLU jumps on all this stuff that is destructive to these United States.

However they never jump on anything that is destructive to individual liberties (like the McNaughton Rule).

Why Not ????

Why Not ????

Why Not ????

Why Not ????

Why Not???????


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