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The Famous Samuel Duck Letter

This is a great speech. I hope you have the time to read it.

My reference to this speech is in bold.

Samuel Duck on Bill Haslam

But Haslam looks so friendly.....
And he has money.....

With a heavy heart, I have decided to end my campaign for governor today.
Ordinarily, I would see this endeavor through to the end. However, I feel
the people of Tennessee is facing a significant threat from globalists in
the Republican Party. Several of these threats originate from Congress.
With bills like the Patriot Act fresh in our memory and Republicans like
Lindsey Graham proposing bills like a national RFID, as Republicans take
power in 2010 and 2012, I am forced to ask, "Who is going to protect us
from the Republicans? Another Republican?" Haslam will not defend us from
the Federal Government with the Republicans in charge any better than
Bredesen defended us from the Federal Government with the Democrats in
charge. At the TEA Party Convention in Gatlinburg, Haslam was asked if he
would defend Tennessee's right to sovereignty as protected by the 10th
Amendment. He responded, "It does take a group of governors [to defend
the 10th amendment]...It also takes electing the right people to
Congress" In his own words, Haslam is going to depend on other states and
Congress to defend Tennessee's 10th Amendment rights. Tennessee needs
stronger leadership than that.
One of my strengths as a candidate for governor is my awareness of
foreign policy. Many people hold the opinion that state offices do not
have to contend with foreign policy. Today, we are gathered in a town
that is suffering from the effects of Tennessee failing to properly
handle foreign policy.

A contractor with Center for Immigration Studies
(CIS) released a document
May 13, 2010 that reported up to 95% of
refugees entering the
United States were referred to the United States by
the UN High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR). This means the UN is
picking the refugees that are settling in the
US and not the US itself.
This business is very lucrative for case workers, who are now paid $1900
per head to place refugees. Furthermore, the UN places these refugees in
designated gateway communities. States are now complaining the UN is
placing refugees without local consultation, which results in unplanned
costs. Many of these refugees are Muslim. Many of the UN designated
communities are predominantly Christian. This often leads to conflicts
within the communities.
Nashville is one such community. If anyone in
Tennessee should understand the impact failing to properly deal with UN
policy has on
Tennessee, it is the citizens of Murfreesboro.

Next, I want to introduce you to an organization known as ICLEI. It
stands for International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. The
concept of ICLEI first came to the US in 1992 we were presented with a
couple of provisions during the Earth Summit. One was the UN biodiversity
treaty, and the other was UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21 (or simply
Agenda 21). These provisions formalize the use of the environment to
promote a globalist, socialist agenda. George Bush I was the signatory
for the United States. You may recall, Bush spoke several times about the
emerging, "New World Order".

The Biodiversity and Agenda 21 provisions are basically two different
sides of the same coin. Biodiversity pertains to rural areas. Agenda 21
deals with urban areas. Fortunately, the Senate rejected Biodiversity and
Agenda 21, which should have killed these provisions for the United
States. However, the UN is no respecter of our Constitution. Here in
Tennessee, the United Nations has designated the Smokey Mountain National
Park an "international biosphere reserve". That is an effect of the
Biodiversity provision. Furthermore, after the Senate rejected Agenda 21,
the UN began using ICLEI to strike deals directly with US cities.
Knoxville is one of those cities. Article 1 Section 10 of the US
Constitution strictly prohibits this. "No State shall, without the
Consent of Congress...enter into any Agreement or Compact with another
State, or with a foreign Power..." Madison clarifies the purpose of this
clause in Federalist Paper 44. "This alteration is fully justified by the
advantage of uniformity in all points which relate to foreign powers." A
member city pays dues to ICLEI, and the city will hire a sustainability
manager. Ultimately, ICLEI will appoint members of an advisory panel to
help the city implement Agenda 21. This means your tax dollars are going
to implement a UN agenda. As Mayor of Knoxville, Bill Haslam has clearly
overseen the continued implementation of UN Agenda 21. This issue goes
beyond local sovereignty from federal government. It's worse. This
involves local sovereignty from international government. That is why
foreign policy is a key issue in this years gubernatorial election.

During an election where cap and trade is one of the key issues, do you
want governor who is working with ICLEI to implement 'green initiatives'?
[This section removed from original speech: ICLEI charges it's member
cities a fee for it's services. Ultimately, the tax payer is on the hook
for this fee. ICLEI appoints ministers to a city's government, which are
not elected by the voters. According to the Knoxville Energy Inventory
Analysis, Knoxville "joined the network" July 2007. August 2007, Mayor
Bill Haslam hosted the first meeting of the Energy and Sustainability
Task Force. There are 15 people on this committee. The 2009 CAFR shows
Knoxville was awarded over $2,000,000 in grants from the federal
government for sustainable development projects. As far as I can tell,
thus far the taxpayers in Knoxville have not been directly on the hook
for the cost of the ICLEI program. However, 2,000,000 federal dollars
comes from all of our taxes. That certainly adds an interesting wrinkle
to Knoxville's situation.]
The UN is no respecter of property rights. The 1976 UN Habitat Conference said, "Land ...cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by
individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the
market. Private land ownership is also a principle instrument of
accumulation and concentration of wealth, therefore, contributes to
social injustice." So... private land ownership is a social injustice?
The 1998 UN report on global governance read, "Human activity...combined
with unprecedented increases in human numbers...are impinging on the
planet's basic life support system. Action must be taken now to control
the human activities that produce these risks" Harvey Ruvin, Vice Chair
of ICLEI said, "Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the

There is more to ICLEI than a pact with the UN designed to merge us into
world government. It promotes a pagan world view that sees humans as
harmful to the earth. Part of the UN biodiversity treaty reads, "Nature
has an integral set of different values (cultural, spiritual, and
material) where humans are one strand in nature's web and all living
creatures are considered equal. Therefore the natural way is the right
and human activities should be molded along nature's rhythms." Now, isn't
that such a nice, Christian concept? Your activities should be molded
along nature's rhythms. Molded by who?

Furthermore, Bill Haslam's campaign chairman is Howard Baker. I don't
mean to imply Haslam would ever intend to distance himself from Mr.
Baker, but he couldn't if he wanted to. Mr. Baker's name is part of every
ad Bill Haslam runs. "The Honorable Howard H Baker Jr., Honorary
Chairman" Howard Baker is a prominent member of the Council of Foreign
Relations (CFR), which is a group that often compromises United States
interests in order to promote global governance. There are about 5000
members of the CFR, including Tim Geithner, Hank Paulson, Henry
Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and George Soros. In the 1970's Baker
was one of the senators responsible for the United States giving away the
Panama Canal. Amazingly, this is still making news over 30 years later.
Recently, Baker appeared jointly with Jimmy Carter. Carter praised the
decision as "the most courageous decision in the history of the U.S.
Congress." When Carter praises your foreign policy decisions, this is not
usually a good sign.

The CFR is also one of the forces behind globalization. In a paper titled
"Sovereignty and Globalisation" CFR President, Richard Haas wrote the
following. "At its core, globalisation entails the increasing volume,
velocity and importance of flows within and across borders of people,
ideas, greenhouse gases, goods, dollars, drugs, viruses, emails, weapons,
and a good deal else, challenging one of sovereignty's fundamental
principles: the ability to control what crosses borders in either
direction." The flow of people across borders is just one of the
mechanisms by which globalization challenges sovereignty. Other
mechanisms are greenhouse gases, drugs, and weapons. This last year the
H1N1 panic also challenged sovereignty. Simply put ties to the UN and CFR
erode our sovereignty, take away our rights, and threaten Christian

Bill Haslam's global leanings even show up in the way he conducts his
business. T Boone Pickens used to maintain a web site called Terror Free
Oil. There he listed companies who obtained all or most of their oil from
outside the Middle East. Companies like Sunoco, Hess, Kangaroo, and
Flying J, which Pilot recently purchased, obtained all or most of their
oil. Terror Free Oil also listed companies who purchased oil from the
Middle East. Right along with Exxon and British Petroleum was Pilot. If
other companies in Tennessee can get their oil from here, why can't
Pilot? Most people don't realize, we have oil wells right here in
Tennessee. Some of the land owners are paid not to pump. Haslam has
billions. Why is he not using them to help end our dependency on foreign
oil or at the very least blow the whistle on how the Federal government
is making the issue worse?

[struck from original speech: Many of you are also aware that Bill Haslam
joined Michael Bloomberg's Mayor's Coalition.
Many of you think of the
implication this has on the second Amendment. However, the city of New
York is also facing a mosque controversy of it's own. In New York's case,
St. Nicholas Church was destroyed when Muslims destroyed the World Trade
Center. After 9 years, New York still denies the congregation permission
to rebuild it's church, but if it were not for intense public pressure,
New York would be allowing a new mosque to be built near the same
location as the World Trade Center and the church.]
When I launched my campaign I placed the following in my expanded stand.
"All water collected and food grown and sold within the borders of
Tennessee should not be subject to Federal regulation." S510, which is a
bill that will put crushing regulations on small farmers is on the verge
of passing. The administration is leveraging the egg salmonella recall to
push this bill. Part of the biodiversity treaty is designed to eliminate
all human presence on more than 50% of US soil. One of the ways does this
is, it creates "battered willing sellers", from which the government will
purchase land. S510 is designed to consolidate food production into a few
large corporations, and frustrate small farmers. Estate taxes also create
battered sellers by placing a large tax burden on family farms when the
owner passes away. This is just one more way our sovereignty is
threatened, our next governor will have to address.
I also said, "However important vaccines are, no one should be forced to
be vaccinated or forced to submit to any medical procedure he does not wish to be subjected to, even if the procedure would save his life." Just
in this last week or so, Vanderbilt Medical began a push to require all
of it's employees to get flu vaccines. In the process, they revealed over
half did not get vaccines last year. Does that, tell you something when
Vanderbilt medical staff refuse vaccines? Do you remember the Army having
vaccination drills during the H1N1 scare? This is another way our
liberties are threatened, our next governor will have to address.
I also stood against sin taxes. Recently, we've seen a soda tax fail in
Tennessee, and a tanning bed tax pass Congress. Mark my words, they'll
eventually tax any foods the government deems unhealthy. PETA is also
trying to get a 50% tax on meat. Cap and tax is basically a sin tax on
CO2. I saw this coming. When I warn you about a UN and CFR take over of
Tennessee's government, do you think I am right? Please, do not give me
the opportunity to be proven right again. Sometimes, being able to say,
"I told you so." is very little consolation.
I want to make one last point about my stand, before I move on to endorse
Dr. Dodds. I opposed Race to the Top, because it was a continuation of
outcome based education, and it eroded local sovereignty. NEA supported
it, and SCORE underwrote it. Many of the forums across the state were
sponsored by SCORE. No candidate was allowed into a SCORE debate that
opposed race to the top. Many other forums across the state were
sponsored by League of Women Voters. My education platform held,
decisions should be made locally, not by the state or federal government.
LWV said, this did not qualify as an education plan, and denied me
entrance to three forums. The reason you don't see independent candidates
in most of the political forums is, we are not bought and paid for by
special interests like NEA, SCORE, and LWV. Furthermore, I opposed pre-K
education. It's more cradle to the grave government. There is no more
room in the budget for it. Either money will have to be diverted from
some other program, taxes will have to be raised, or money borrowed to
fund it. NEA, SCORE, and LWV also excluded this point of view from the
forums they hosted.

If you were not listening before now, pay attention. Over 200,000 people
voted in the Democrat primary this year. Over 700,000 people voted in the
Republican primary. Tennessee is a Republican state, but with cities like
Memphis, that have over 1,000,000 people who tend to vote Democrat, we
are not 3-1 Republican. The house is 49-49, and more people voted
Democrat in the 2006 primary than Republican. McWherter had this election
wrapped up 9 months ago. Liberal bloggers went to TEA Party web sites and
read who you supported. Later they bragged about voting for the most
liberal Republicans. Notice Republicans is plural. They didn't just cross
over for governor. They crossed over in all of the races in this state.
The result is, the primary left us with a choice between left and lefter.
If you consider the fact, 53% of the Republican votes were for someone
other than Haslam, and many of Haslam's votes will return to the Democrat
ticket, you can see the CFR and UN is very beatable. Fortunately, there
are independent candidates still in this race. If you consider yourself a
conservative voter, you have no excuse.
A vote for Haslam is a vote for the UN.
A vote for Haslam is a vote for the CFR.
A vote for Haslam is a vote for globalization.
A vote for Haslam is a vote for cap and trade.
A vote for Haslam is a vote for dependency on foreign oil.
A vote for Haslam is a vote for taxes and wasteful spending.
A vote for Haslam is a vote for special interests.
A vote for Haslam is a vote for SCORE, NEA, and LWV.
A vote for Haslam is a vote against state sovereignty.
A vote for Haslam is a vote against the 2nd amendment.
A vote for Haslam is a vote against individual liberty.
A vote for Haslam is a vote against property rights.
The idea of voting for the lesser of two evils has to be one of the
dumbest concepts ever to gain popular acceptance. It is right up there
with "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Sometimes, the enemy of your
enemy is still your enemy. We supported Bin Laden when he fought the
Russians. We supported Saddam Hussein when he fought the Persians. How
did that work out for us? If you are voting for the lesser of two evils,
you're still voting for evil. And that, makes you personally responsible
for the outcome!

Our ancestors, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, and others laid down their
lives for God and Country. How much less of a sacrifice is a laying down
a campaign? I stepped down today, so several good independent candidates
would not divide the votes of patriots, handing over our government to a
Democrat or Republican in these perilous times. Don't let my warnings go
unheeded. Brandon's campaign needs dollars, action, and votes to win. We
can't defeat the UN and CFR without your support.


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