Saturday, February 18, 2012

Disturb Your Congressman Today!

So you want to throw a wrench into the works good!
The first thing you need to do is go to The US House or Representatives web site.
You then need to look up your Congressman.
Go to the box on the upper right and type in your zip code.
This will bring up a page and a picture of your Congressman will appear on the left hand side.
By the picture will be a link to your Congressman’s web site.
Click the link.
Now you are on your Congressman’s personal web site.
The next thing you do is to find out if your Congressman sponsored any legislation.
On your Congressman’s site there should be a link to any legislation that he sponsored.
It may say, legislative work or sponsored legislation.
Click that link and pick one of the latest bills. After all there will be many pieces of legislation. These clowns vomit out more and more legislation each and every year.
Then write your Congressman the following letter.

Washington, DC. 20515
Dear Congressman :
I understand you introduced the bill known as the “(Title or Bill Number)” into Congress.
Did you write that bill?
If not who did?
I want to know and I want your answer sent back to me in the enclosed stamped self addressed envelope.
John Q. Citizen
This will do more to straighten things out than a thousand tea parties.


Oh yes I forgot to mention. After I am elected I will sponsor two bills.
I'm going to write them myself.
One bill gets rid of the Federal Election Commission forthwith.
The FEC is designed to make sure you can't run for office.
You can't jump through all the hoops. But a Socialist or a member of
a political party can. We need to get rid of them (especially these "conservatives" who do nothing but compromise (see "Less Is More") and get ordinary people in who have the brains to Vote No on any bill that would increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of the government like me.

The other bill cuts off all TAXPAYER funds from any and all Non-GovernmentalOrganizations.
Think of it. If you are Pro-Life do you want your tax dollars going to "Planned Parenthood." If you believe in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, first 10 amendments, do you want Sarah Brady getting a penny of your money????

I don't think so.

Just thought you should know.

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